Monday, September 25, 2006

It's Monday

Ahhh... quiet...
Both the boys are asleep and Savannah's having a little tv time. All three kids have been in complete whine mode since Porter got here this morning. I guess they don't like Mondays either. Maybe when th babies get up from their naps we'll bundle up a little and get outside in the crisp fall sunshine.

I thought I'd recap a little more of our weekend...
Saturday we ran around town doing a bunch of errands and shopping. We got winter coats and hats and stuff for the kids. And we got lots of birthday shopping done... we've gotten a little behind on some family birthdays. And Taegan's is coming up in just another week. I can't believe it was a year ago already that we were still waiting to meet our first little niece!! It's gone so fast. And that means Sawyer's birthday is just around the corner as well. No way can my baby be so close to a year old ...
Here a couple pictures from yesterday after church. I just had to whip out the camera because all morning I kept thinking "who is this kid?!?". He looks like a little man (aka man-baby, right Katie?).

no he's not walking...
he's just doing his usual
'I'll just stand in one place forever until I have something to hold onto to walk someplace else instead of moving my feet on my own...'

Sunday we visited the church that Savannah's preschool is at; Sandstone Congregational Church. We really liked the pastor when we met him at the preschool orientation, so we thought we'd give their service a try. This church has just built a brand new church next to the old one and it's really nice. It's not a very big church... there were probably about 100, maybe 150 people there... two other babies in the nursery and in kids church all the kids (preschool and elementary) are together in one room. We both really enjoyed the pastor and the service and the people were very friendly. But a little on the older side. And they sing hymns. With an organ. I commented to Ryan when we left that before we moved out here, I didn't really think there were any churches that actually use hymnals or fill out attendance or all the old school stuff like that anymore. But so many churches out here are still soooo traditional! It reminds me of the Portland area churches like 10 or 15 years ago... where the few "contemporary" services thought they were so out there and unconventional. Now I think it's hard to find such a traditional church in the northwest. It actually felt kind of funny, being in this brand new light and bright sanctuary, but singing hymns and seeing the pastors all seated up on the stage along with the American and Christian flags next to the little old lady playing the organ. Not that I mind the hymns... there are some great ones and I like a little tradition and comfort like that. I love it when we sing sweet classic hymns within the more contemporary worship. But as much as we think we like the pastor and the service and the congregation, I think both Ryan and I would really feel like we were missing too much of something if we were just singing two hymns a week in our church service instead of the half-hour of praise and worship we're used to. This church does have a contemporary service, but it's an evening service on Sundays. I don't mind going to evening service once in a while, but I don't really want that to be our regular time. I like the feeling of going Sunday mornings. If they moved their contemporary service to the AM, we would probably make that our home. Who knows, maybe that'll change. Or maybe we'll change our minds and go evenings.
But for now, we're still looking for our new church family.

Oh, here's another picture of Savannah. She's talking to her Gramma Debbie on the phone. Grammas: just thought you might want a picture of her in your head when you talk to her. When we can actually get her on the phone, that is. She's so picky... one day she wants to talk to everyone she can think of, and then next time we have to practically bribe her to even get her to say hi. Sorry she was so grumpy yesterday, Gramma!

How depressing has the news been lately? With the storms and flooding in the midwest and south. And not being able to eat spinach! And did you hear about this? So sad.

Well, I guess that's about enough rambling for now.
You may have noticed that Ryan returned from his blogging hiatus last night. Any guesses on the mystery movie quote???


Leslie said...

Hey Heather, The pictures are very cute. Sawyer does look like a little man. We had a lot of fun Saturday night. We are anxious to do it again. I loved Ryan's list of things that you guys learned Sat. I never noticed during the evening, but I cannot believe the TV stayed off the entire evening. Have a great week. Talk with you soon.

nic said...

Heather-- I LOVE LOVE LOVE that picture of Savannah. The natural light is gorgeous on her face!

Sawyer looks like such a little man.

Mom ,Gramma G... said...

Hi! The pictures are...priceless.So get them in a shutterfly album,or better yet send them to all the grandparents who so richly deserve them.:)XOX