Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A Storm's a Brewin'

It was a beautiful, sunny, blue-sky morning, and it the last half hour it has rapidly gotten darker (so noticeable that Savannah asked me if it was almost bedtime already) and quite windy. It's supposed to be stormy this afternoon and it's moving in fast! And there's no end in sight... as far out as the forcast goes, it's supposed to be cold and rainy. Where are we again? Oregon???

We got outside yesterday in some of the fall sunshine. I attempted to get some weeds pulled and some plants and bushes trimmed and (yikes! already) some leaves raked up. ***boys of game night: does that bring up my housework percentage???***
The kids played up and down the driveway, Savannah trading off with her bike and her car and Sawyer cruisin' around in his walker. He was zoomin' in that thing! Followed Savannah around everywhere!
It was really nice to spend some time outside, knowing we'll be stuck indoors for at least the next week. I'm not ready to be cooped up with these kids yet!

WOW! The clouds finally let loose. Poor Mr. Bruce across the street was outside trying to get his lawn mowed before the rain, and he got caught in this downpour. He has this little old John Deere riding lawnmower that's gotta be like 40 years old (is that possible?) and it moves in what seems like slow motion. It goes along well with them in general... they walk slow, drive slow,and so why not mow slow? (they're about 85 years old if you hadn't guessed... about the sweetest old couple I've ever met)
Anyway, it's just started pouring and so Mr. Bruce is steering the mower across the front yard and all the way up their driveway. In slow motion. I think. I can hardly see him through the sheets of rain.
Seriously, I could grab Ryan's golf umbrella and walk outside and across the street to hold it over this guy's head before he even made it halfway to his garage. Old people are funny.


Mom ,Gramma G... said...

Hello Morrisons in Michigan... While you are all getting soaked(poor Mr.Bruce) ; in Oregon we are enjoying our 6th day in a row of 80's.Clouds are due by Mon.but still no rain in the forcast. We shall see.Our one day of fall rain so far wasn't even very wet,so we need it.As usual the kids pics are great.Savannah looks like she mite need her seat moved back on her bike now. Her legs are getting long.She doesn't look like the little chubby Savannah I remember.Must be all the responsibility of being a BIG sister AND going to school!!!Makes a girl grow up fast.XOXOXO

Katie said...


That's the other thing we forgot to tell you when we were trying to bribe you to move here.... It's always the rainy season in Michigan, you never know when the rains coming or when it's going to end... Savannah and Sawyer will learn to love storms - hopefully!!(when they can actually watch them and don't have to head for shelter in the basement). It cracks me up the way you and Ryan talk about Michigan weather. It's the only thing I've ever known so it's funny to hear your guys take on our off-the-wall weather conditions.... Just wait until the winter!!!