Friday, September 22, 2006

Empathetic or just Pathetic?

So I guess it's just me...
I was talking to Katie today and we got on the subject of tv and we talked about ER last night. She didn't see it, so I was filling her in on some of what happened and I mentioned that I cried. I then went on to say (after knowing she had seen Grey's Anatomy) that part of the reason I was so primed for tears over ER was the fact that I kind of cried during Grey's Anatomy too. She looked at me like I was crazy... "you cried?!?" Well, in my defense, I don't think I actually cried. It was more like just tearing up. And I thought it was pretty legit. Someone's fiance' died for goodness sake, and it was quite touching the way she was trying to deal with it -or was not able to deal with it- and the way her friends were trying to help her through it. Nevermind that I have never seen this show before last night and I know nothing about the characters or any storyline other than what I could piece together in the hour last night. It was still sad!
But yeah, Katie thought I was nuts.

So I guess I'm just a cryer. When did that happen?
I think really it's just the subject matter. Seriously. Losing someone like that scares me to death. I don't know how I would survive losing my husband or one of my babies. And watching people (albeit actors) struggle their way through that really gets to me.
And that would be why I tear up almost every other time I read Kate and Jonathon's blog.
So you can call me crybaby if you want to. I'll prefer to call it empathetic.


Katie said...

I don't think you were "nuts" for crying over Grey's Anatomy, but if you would have seen the episodes leading up to the season finale you might not have been so emotional...I was sort of expecting something to happen to her fiance, given the fact that she pretty much had to kill him to get him his heart transplant. And not to mention the man ahead of him to recieve the heart had two children a 4 and 5 year old... Trust me, you have to see the previous episodes to understand... I thought Burke getting shot was just as sad as the fiance, if not more, in my opinion...

Don said...

Katie is not trying to be confrontational...I cried to, I felt the sadness you felt, there is nothing wrong w/ you....please invite us to the next game night...

Donny G