Monday, September 04, 2006

Savannah scares me....

...litterally. At least once a week she comes into my room in the early morning, probably around 5:30 am when I am dead asleep, and just stands there and looks at me. I don't really know if she says anything or not, but when I finally happen to crack open up my eyes she is just right in front of me, staring at me with a blank look on her face. She scares the crap out of me, to use the parlance of our times. The picture to the right is what I vision is a little grainy in the morning and there isn't much light so it makes it even more scary. You have to admit that even such a sweet girl like Savannah can be kind of scary if she is less than a foot away from your face staring at you while you are sleeping. To top it all off she is usually holding a limp (stuffed) animal in her hand, by the neck. Usually it is a helpless lamb but sometimes she goes all out and brings a moose in with her. One morning I woke up to this and I actually gasped and jumped backward and hit Heather. Then Heather was concerned that I might have scared Savannah. There wasn't much concern for my still-stopped-heart. After I escorted Savannah back to bed and requested that she doesn't get up until her clock says "7-0-0", I can fortunately fall back to sleep in about a minute. It takes Heather longer to fall back to sleep recovering from the elbow she just received as I fled for my life. I am still trying to decide if it is worse than what Savannah used to do. She would come in and hit the mattress near my head until I responded. I guess the best way to wake me would be to wake up Heather instead.

On more of a pleasent note, Sawyer got his Oregon Ducks football jersey in the mail just in time for their win over Stanford and he looks great. He looks very natural in it and he asks me if he can wear it all the time.
Go Ducks!


Barb said...

Ryan,Sawyer is the cutest litte duck I have ever seen.But he looks WAY too grown up in that size 2 shirt!!!

docproc said...

GO Ducks!!! May Sawyer grow up to be an Oregon Season ticket holder.
P.S. I went down to the UO-Stanford game and it was off the hook - to use the parlence of our times.