Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Hurry Up and Wait

So we thought we had the moving thing figured out.
We have a closing date on the new house, our house should be on the market any day which gives it enough time so that if we don't find a buyer before we leave here we can use Pfizer's "safety-net" meaning they buy it from us and worry about it so we don't have to, and we were ready for the movers to come and access all our "stuff" and set up a moving schedule for somewhere around the third week in June.
But then.
Yesterday Ryan finds out his higher-ups really need his group (naming him specifically as an example of who they'd like to be there) to stick around here in Kalamazoo preferably at least thru July. That would be all fine and dandy except for the fact that everyone on both ends of this relocation has said all along that it really doesn't matter when he moves to the STL facility, that everybody is pretty flexible, and whatever works best for us with our housing situation will be just fine. Until of course a few days after we actually make an offer on a house (which you know, usually contains a closing date, which you know, usually infers a moving date).
So now Ryan's trying to figure out who really needs him where, if we should try to push back our move dates, meaning fly down to close on that house but not move for another month after that, and so on and so forth.
I'd really rather move and get it over with. I hate knowing change is coming and then just sit around waiting for it to happen. Thinking and thinking and thinking about it. It's not like I can even get ready to move... the movers pack everything up for us.
I just want to get down there already and start getting settled in our new house, finding a church, looking at preschools, getting the kids in swim lessons, and all that good stuff. I've been waiting since January... enough already!!

Working with Pfizer to get their help (safety-net) in selling our house, we have to list our house in accordance with certain parameters such as an asking price that matches up with two separate realtors' Market Analysis of our home. Now everyone knows the housing market here right now sucks, so we were a little nervous about this whole Market Analysis thing. But the first realtor came through, turned in her analysis right away and her suggested price was actually right along the lines of where we hoping our price to be. Yay!
The second realtor came through the same day, then we didn't hear anything for two weeks, and then after all that, it turns out her suggested listing price is exactly what we paid for our house one year ago. Which wouldn't be that bad... except for the fact that we got this house for more than 15,000 less than they had originally listed it to sell! The previous owners had already moved and were really wanting to let go of this house fast. It is so irritating that she priced our house so low, as we have to go off of the average of the two prices.
All that to say, we have to list lower than we originally wanted to, so we are kind of bummed out by that. But hopefully it'll sell reasonably quickly (two other houses for sale in our neighborhood are at the same price, but are not nearly as big or nice as ours or with as big of a lot).

Too much frustrating news on a Monday. And after such a nice weekend too.
Oh well.

We have lots going on this week.
A Cheeky Little Monkeys playdate at the Barczak's tomorrow, a field trip with Savannah's class to the Binder Park Zoo on Thursday and I think this weekend we're planning on going up north with the Huffs. With lots of miscellaneous house fixing up/cleaning up to get ready to show to sell and stuff all in between.
Busy, busy!

p.s. Happy Birthday Greg (a day late)! Hope you like your new wheels!!!

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