Thursday, May 10, 2007

workin' at the car wash...

That's a song isn't it?
Whatever it is, I've had it in my head all day.

The kids and I spent the afternoon outside washing the cars. The big one and the little one LOL!
It was fun to play in the water. First car wash (by hand) of the year, and Sawyer's first experience ever... he was very serious about it! He's obsessed with our car and he loves cleaning and helping... put those together and he's the man for the job!!!

Has anyone else noticed Savannah being a lot more cooperative with the camera lately? As in actually looking at me once in awhile?! Yay!


Nicole said...

So cute! Love the pics. I love Savannah's dress.

GrammaG said...

Sure,Savannah has decided she can't let Sawyer have all the fame!What great helpers!

Amie R said...

I think it is the new do! She is working it!