Thursday, May 10, 2007

it's all about me

Nicole "tagged" me with this one floating around, so here are my answers....

I am: hot (as in overheated... not I'm so HOT!)

I want: to be settled and connected in a community

I have: the hiccups right now *annoying*

I wish: we would win the lottery so that neither of us would have to work full time

I hate: people I care about feeling unhappy... or the fact that so many are unhappy

I miss: friends we don't see anymore

I hear: the kids playing in the toyroom and lawnmowers in the neighborhood (and me still hiccuping)

I wonder: who our next child will be

I regret: many things in theory... but I know each and every choice I've made makes up who I am today and I'm okay with that

I am not: just a mom

I dance: not enough

I sing: with my kids

I cry: about everything

I am not always: a nice person

I make with my hands: gifts

I write: so many lists it's insane.

I confuse: my left and right

I need: a just-for-fun vacation... to relax

I should: not procrastinate

I start: lots of projects

I finish: things only when it gets down to the wire

and I tag... Annie, Kasey, Kim, Trish
your turn!

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