Monday, May 21, 2007

it's a monday

I feel like I'm so behind on everything.
Everything except the house work that is. I don't believe our house has ever been so clean and organized. Cupboards closets and all. We had our first open house yesterday and another showing today. Kind of nice to HAVE TO clean so well.

Ryan wiped clean our laptop this past week and so I didn't do much with pictures, editing or uploading. I actually was very lazy with my camera, so the computer is really just an excuse. I do need to get caught up on my picture posts though. Very behind on that page.

I'm behind on emails and mail too. I've had cards and gifts to send out for birthdays and new babies, and it seems my life has been consumed with endless house stuff and senseless injuries.

So while I'm thinking of it...
**Happy Birthday Kasey!!! Glad you had a fun weekend and hope you have a great day celebrating YOU!
***And we got some great news last week... Ryan's little sister Jenn, is visiting his other sister Holly in Guam. A great vacation for Jenn and Greg on an amazing tropical island getting visit with Dan and Holly, to spoil Taegen and to meet sweet baby Tasi. Well, we got a phone call from Jenn the other night and good ol' Greg finally proposed!!
Congratulations you guys! We are soooo excited for you and can't wait to see you and give you some big hugs of congrats ourselves!

Well, about the only exciting news around here is that I started another new blog. I know. The excitement!
Well, I have to admit I totally stole the idea from Melissa. I had read her blog here and there awhile ago (she seriously cracks me up!), kind of lost track of it and then came across her again. Then I noticed she had an alternate page to jot down menus, meals and recipes for her picky eater family. I loved the idea!! I had personally been trying to get better at implementing a "planned menu" each week as well as keeping track of what the kids were actually consuming during this hunger strike they've been on for the past month or so. Only I was not very successful at remembering to write down what they (especially Sawyer being so sporadic at meals) ate everyday. So I loved this blog idea because hey, I'm on the computer everyday right? As long as I'm supposed to be doing my picture a day and my blessings for each day, I might as well make a record for all this non-eating too! I know, like I don't have anything better to do!
Anyway, here it is, I gave it a trial run last week and decided to go forward with it: Check out "Our Own Gong Show"!

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K.M. Laughlin said...

Thank you for my bday wish! I hope you and Ryan are getting better!