Monday, May 28, 2007

it was a busy relaxing weekend

I was kind of bummed when this weekend started out rainy and gloomy.
Saturday morning, Nicole and I were going to take Savannah out downtown for a little photo shoot, but we got rained out. So Ryan the kids and I spent the morning running a few errands, had lunch out and came home for a late naptime. We just kind of lazed around the rest of the day with the weather so gloomy. We decided to try our first Family Movie Night, so after dinner we picked a movie (Monsters Inc.) popped some popcorn and all kicked our feet up on the big comfy couch. Yeah, Sawyer's not quite ready for that. He would sit for all of about 30 seconds. Just about long enough to climb up on the couch, grab a handful of pretzel sticks, and jump back down to play. It was a nice idea though, and it was fun to relax together. Savannah thought it was pretty fun.

Sunday, we tried for Savannah's pics again, and Nicole got a few shots in, but were rained out once again. So we headed home, had lunch and then all took a long afternoon nap. Nice.
After us parents dragged ourselves out of bed, we all hopped in the car to meet up with the Barczaks and head over to a new playplace we found in Chelsea, called the TreeHouse. Turned out to be a great place (wish we would have found it this winter!!) and the kids had a blast. Savannah was a little hesitant at first, with her fear of heights, but she was soon climbing all over and even did the biggest fastest slides all by herself!! Sawyer was raring to go (he wanted nothing to do with the toddler area) and begged for Daddy to take him up to do the slides again and again. That kid was non-stop the whole time we were there. Good thing there was plenty for them to do!

After the kids ran around for a while, we headed to Red Robin for dinner. Yum!

I worried about how the kids would be, considering our last attempt to sit down to eat out, and the fact that they had just ran themselves ragged at the TreeHouse. But they were all awesome. Savannah ate everything she put her eyes on,

and Sawyer... well, he didn't do so hot with his meal, but he made a nice dent in our tower of onion rings!!

And here's Porter with the same look as the Ryans... 'it takes all my concentration to eat and watch the sports on the tv at the same time'!

Today Ryan decided to make my weekend and take us all over to Ikea. We had been wanting to make a trip to get Sawyer's bed before we move, since we won't be as close to an Ikea location at our new house. So we got it and we're leaving it in the box until after we get moved and settled. It's hard for me to not pull it out and put it together!! Not so anxious about getting him started in actually sleeping in a bed without bars to keep him in, but it'll be so cute in his room, I can't wait to see it! I have some good ideas rolling around in my head for that thing.
So that was our outing today. When we got home this afternoon, we spent some time outside since the weather finally decided to get it's act together. In fact it's quite warm again tonight and supposed to be for much of the week. We might be pulling the pool out again in the next couple of days. Anyone care to join us?!


Amie R said...

Ummm....did I mention Svannah is beautiful! Those pictures are awesome!

Mom said...

You guys had a great weekend.Luv that sign about unattended kids!We moved Tricia,did yard work,and finished the fence.Whew!Not much fun, but we did make waffles for breakfast and some yummy onion rings with our burgers!:)