Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Finally... I got around to redoing the header here. I've only been saying I was going to do that for how long?.....

Finally... I got caught up on some of my pictures. I still have pics from last week to go through like the boatload I took at both the zoo and our weekend up north. I'm beginning to feel like between a few photo projects I'm trying to get done, scrapbooking (which is pretty much nonexistant around here these days), and actually ever getting any prints printed, I will never be caught up to where I want to be with photos. I need a month long vacation just to work on that stuff.

Finally... we got the important house stuff here done with. We've painted and repaired and cleaned and scrubbed. We've had all the market analysis's, the inspections and the appraisals done (we had to have all that good stuff out of the way doing this through Pfizer because if they are the ones that take on the sale of the house, all of that dictates the price they will give us). Now all we have left is to take care of a few things from the inspection and pray for the right buyer to come along.
BTW, Ryan found this article last night... I thought it was interesting that we're moving to #9 on this year's best places to live in the country!! O'Fallon, Missouri... here we come!

Finally... after this week I will feel like I can stop running around like crazy. Seems like the last couple of weeks have just been full of things to get done and appointments to keep. Tomorrow all I have is a dr. appt in the morning for Sawyer and then Friday the chimney guy is coming out to inspect our fireplaces. Then Friday night we're going to (hopefully) have some people over for a barbeque, and after that... a weekend to relax! And nothing going on next week! (yet)

Finally... spring is really and truly here in Michigan. And pretending quite often to be summer already!! It was 85 yesterday and we slept with all the windows open last night. 75 and good thundershowers all day today... so nice to be out splashing around in the rain with shorts on! And it's supposed to be in the 80's thru the weekend, too. I love this weather!!

I'll leave you with just a couple pics from today... and I promise I won't be MIA for so long!


Amie R said...

Cute header! I feel you about the picture projects! It is overwhelming! I feel like if I could just catch up to right now...MAYBE I can manage keeping up. I am seriously thinking about getting a mother's helper for a little while just to work on my photo projects. Craziness!

Nic said...

I was wondering if you'd ever put up a header! LOL. I like it!

Mom said...

I like the new look! Thanks for catching up on the pics inspite of your busy schedule.VERRRRRY CUTE!

Russ, Katie and Eliot said...

When are you guys moving to STL??? So fun!

K.M. Laughlin said...

Love the rain pics with the umbrella! SO CUTE!