Monday, May 28, 2007

how about a little catch-up?

last week...
with the weather so warm (hot) and nice (hot), we filled up our little pool for a couple of days and during that time, we had some friends over to splash around with us. Nicole and Porter hung out with us, as well as some new friends who live close by, LeeAnn and her little Lukas who is the same age as Sawyer. All the boys had a great time together and it's so fun to see them actually playing together and "conversing" now that they're getting older. Very cute.
Here are a few pics.

Savannah (what would be the opposite of the word celebrated?) had her last day of school. We were sad to see the year gone; she loved her class, her teachers and her friends so much! I know she's disappointed to not have class to go to and her teachers and friends to visit with, but I think it helps to look forward to another new school next year. I just hope we find as good of a place as we were blessed to have SJ in this year. They had a big picnic day at the park last week and she had lots of fun with the girls and so many snacks. I can't believe "summer" is here already and my little girl finished up a whole first year of preschool!!


Mom said...

The kids seem to be growing up way too fast. The pics make them look even OLDER!:( We are expecting summer weather this week finally.I've kinda liked it nice and a little cloudy.Keeps the temps down'and the utility bills down as well. XOXOXO

Amie R said...

Love the pic of Savannah in the ring! She is so beautiful! And Sawyer looks like a little hottie lifeguard. Can't wait for Sawyer and Ben to get together again so they can really play.