Sunday, April 29, 2007

What a Day!

It's ten minutes past seven and the kids are both in bed sound asleep already. They should be... we were outside enjoying every minute of sunshine we could today. We were pretty much out from noon till bedtime. It was so nice!! It really feels like summer is just around the corner...

Here's what our faux-summer day consisted of:

hanging laundry



and more planting

(yes, she's watering our weeds)

The mama robin who made our house her home...

and her babies


getting the
first scrapes of the season


(Sawyer always has to help with everything!!)

and of course dining outside

And of course a nice long soak in the tub... after a full day of running and digging and climbing and fun, these kids were filthy!

Can you get any more summer-like than all that?!

My parents flew home last night. As great as is it to have them here, as well as all the family we've had visiting over the last month and a half... it was really nice to have some family time with just the four of us today. It seems like it's been a long time!
With grandparents or aunts here, the kids are all about them... "Gramma's going to tuck me in tonight Mom; Can I sit by Aunt Becky for lunch; No thanks, Grampa's going to read with me".
To have the kids actually want to play with us and to have them all to ourselves and such great weather to run around in and have so much fun all together today... it was really a great day.
I was pretty sick yesterday, and after being on drugs for 24 hours or so, I was feeling much better but still not totally up to par, so I didn't do as much playing around as I wanted to, but it was nice to sit out in the sun and watch the kids having so much fun being outside in shorts and bare feet!!
We're sure going to miss this great yard!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Gabe & Heidi's P.A.D. said...

Did any neighbors go blind? Heather, you can't let Ryan take his shirt off in the front yard until he's had a few days of sun in the BACK yard.


Anonymous said...

you have a gorgeous family! ohh how I can't wait to have a house of my own, to do these things :) By the way, thank you for your comment - knowing that I have a support system of such nice people is always reassuring!

Mom said...

Glad you are feeling so much better and that you could all enjoy the sunshine!xoxox

heather said...

Gabe- I was prepared to joke about the pasty boy too... that is until we went to bed last night and noticed pasty boy was not so pasty, and in fact got quite a bit of color being out all day. Yes, he has such good skin that he already tanned a bit yesterday; a morning round of golf and an afternoon in the yard is all it takes for him.
Sickening if you ask me... the only way I could get that much color would be to fry and then wait a week for the red to turn a nice golden peachy *sigh*.

Holly Smith said...

Savannah your hair is so cute!!! I was shocked when I saw that you got it cut, but what a neat thing you did to grow out your hair so another little girl could have it!!!
Congrats on your house, that's the one I would've picked, but I was a little late at getting my opinion in.
Your day out in the sun looked so refreshing. We enjoy our sunshine in Guam, but warm spring days are so energizing!!!