Wednesday, May 02, 2007

a taste for running a daycare

This is what Nicole's backyard looked like this afternoon...Did you count them? Three huge climbers in her backyard. One may assume she operates a daycare out of her home. Or that she at least cares for several children. Or at least has several of her own.
May I remind you she has one 14-month-old. HAHA!
She's gone a little crazy in the last couple of weeks with Craigslist and Garage Sales and her hunt for a slide/climber for Porter. Great deals, great toys... but seriously!!

So of course we had a Cheeky Little Monkeys playdate in her backyard today. Why go to the park when she's got plenty for all the little monkeys to climb around on! It was a fun little group, but it was crazy with all those kids!
It's so amazing how most of us just randomly met online trying to form a group in the area, and all of our kids are so close to the same age! There are at least 5 baby girls under the age of 6 months, Savannah and two other boys right around the age of four, and at least 7 boys (and one little girl!) within just a few months either way of Sawyer. Crazy!

Here's little Lukas today... he and Sawyer are just a week apart.

And Corbin... isn't he a cutie?! He's I think 19 months.

Sawyer decided to take it upon himself to master the biggest climber. No way was he gonna let those older boys (um... older as in 3 and 4!) leave him behind!!


Gramma G said...

Looks like Sawyer had a fun day,swinging,climbing etc.And there is Savannah, ready to help if needed.:)XOXOX

Nicole said...

AHHHHH Great pics... I didn't get any "full yard" shots... I had my prime lens on so no zoom in/out action. You'll have to send me those!!

I love the pic of Lukas... HAHA! So cute with his glasses.

Wasn't it CRAZY yesterday? Woah. Your house next, right??? HAHAHA!