Thursday, May 31, 2007

five years

We've been looking forward to this wedding anniversary for five years. When we got married, at our reception we had a "time capsule" table for our friends and family to make predictions for our lives and our marriage years down the road. There were worksheets to fill out, not to be read by us until our First, Fifth, Tenth and Twenty-Fifth Wedding Anniversaries. These worksheets were placed in the appropriate boxes (decorated by our little sisters) and "sealed" up until the year we were to open them. So the highlight of our evening today was opening our Five Year box!!
It is so fun to read these... some are funny, some are nostalgic, some are eerily true!
Here are a couple of our favorites.... (click on them to see them full size to be able to read them)

David's (since you wanted to make sure we remembered)

My Uncle John's

And The Laughlins'
*Kasey, did you know you filled one of these out?.... even though we didn't even know you existed for another couple of months?! HAHA! Mike just knew....*

Ryan felt we needed to add a few "honorable mentions" for accuracy...
  • Heather Braker predicted we'd be living in St. Louis this year.
  • Patty Pakulak predicted we'd have moved 5 times in the past five years. (St. Louis will be our 5th home since we've been married)
  • Jennifer Sanders predicted we would have a 4Runner
  • Dan Smith predicted the Portland Trailblazers would have zero championships in the past five years.

Like I said, these are always fun to go through. The only disappointing part (besides that we don't get to do this every year) is that there aren't more of them. We counted only 15 pages today. Funny, because we had about 150 people at our wedding reception.
So here's your assignment.
If you were at our wedding and did not fill out these papers, have a little fun and join in the game. We still have papers to read in another 5 and then 15 years. Send us your own answers and we'll put them in the boxes to read when the time comes. And if you weren't at our wedding, or didn't know us then, you can join in as well if you like. I want all the predictions we can get. Lord knows we'll probably need some entertainment when we've been married for 10 years!
I'll make up a blank copy if anyone's interested in me posting it or emailing it to you.

To celebrate today we planned a yummy shrimp dinner for ourselves. For after the kids went to bed. So before that, we fed them a quick and early dinner and then we all went over to The Cascades Park for some ice cream. It was the perfect evening for it.

and awww... they actually like each other

p.s. Mom, thanks so much for the adorable little Calla Lillies... I meant to call and let you know I got them this afternoon, but our evening was a little rushed and then I forgot until I just posted that picture of them! We'll give you a call tomorrow.


K.M. Laughlin said...

That is TOO funny what Mike wrote...I guess he knew I'd be there soon! Hope you had a great night and we'll see you guys SOON!!!!

Mom said...

What a nice Anniversary you(EVERYONE)had,so glad.Where are you going tonite???I would like to fill out a time capsule.In the midst of all the responsibilities,emotions,(drama)etc.,I wasn't able to take the time to get it completed.:) John may have been rushed too,that's the only explanation I can come up with.(HEE HEE) I'm a little dissapointed the Callas are as small as they are,but they are cute & it's the thought that counts.You are loved & missed.XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

Emilie said...

Cute pictures Heather! That is such a good idea to have family/friends fill out predictions! Who knew that some would actually come true!