Friday, May 11, 2007

a big-boy bike and the throw ups

Savannah had "the throw-ups" today. She hasn't been sick (stomach sick) for almost 2 1/2 years, so she doesn't remember ever being sick like that. It was actually all kind of amusing. I am probably totally jinxing myself by saying that. I'm sure I would not have found it the least bit amusing if she were actually really sick. But it was really a relatively simple sick this time.

She went to bed fine last night. Then around 4:30 in the morning we wake to hear her crying and screaming in her room for "MOMMY!!!!" Ryan hurries in there and she's crying at him to turn on the light. He finds her covered in chunks and she is freaking out not really knowing what was all over her and her bed. Ryan called me in to help and took her into the bathroom, the whole time Savannah was asking him "why did I do this?!" She calmed down as soon as Ryan started cleaning her up. Until he broke the news to her that her Lammie and Blanket would have to be washed. Then she couldn't stop crying. Eventually we got everything cleaned up and had her settled in her spare bed (thank God for trundles in the middle of the night) with a substitute animal and a pink blanket replacement. All the crying and yelling woke Sawyer though. And neither one of the kids ever fell back to sleep the rest of the early morning. Which means I didn't really fall back to sleep either. That was great.

I finally got the kids up at 7am and at that point Savannah was feeling fine. She was her normal happy spunky self, and she even ate some toast for breakfast. She was fine all morning, so I braved going out to the grocery store. I was fearing another upchuck in the store, but she was fine. I figured it must have just been something she ate as she was fine and normal and silly all the way home and then wanting to play outside. As soon as I put all the groceries away, I called the kids in for lunch. Then Savannah started complaining that she didn't want lunch... that her tummy was hurting again. So I got Sawyer up to the table and was getting his lunch prepared when I heard her whining in the living room, "Mommy, I'm having the throw-ups again...".
I rushed in there and she was pale and shaky, but smiling at me while leaning over the big bowl I had followed her around with all morning just in case. Well, she had put that bowl to good use and she was quite proud of herself. She didn't seem to care in the least that she had just vomited again, as much as she was happy she threw up in the bowl. "This time it's easy to clean up," she told me happily.
She then proceeded to eat a pretty good sized lunch considering. I kept telling her no, that we needed to let her stomach get better, but she kept telling me it was better and that she was hungry!! Well, she never did throw up anymore and was completely fine and happy the whole rest of the day. Weird. And I just thought it was funny that she was so into the whole process of throwing up where you were supposed to, that she didn't even care about actually getting sick. HAHA!

Oh, and I have to mention that she broke Ryan's streak. You know how he's happened to never have been around when either of our kids have been puking? Yeah well, that lucky streak is over and he had to deal with this one! (then he got to miss out on the second one again today though... so not fair!)

In cheerier news...
the in-home daycare house across the street from us on the corner was having a garage sale today. I of course went over to check it out, thinking they would have a ton of good stuff seeing as they are moving and probably weeding out the daycare stuff. They did have quite a bit of baby stuff, but not as much or as good of stuff as I was hoping for. I did find this though...

A tiny little boy's bike. It isn't the cutest thing in the world, but it's cute cuz it's so small, and I can't wait for Sawyer to ride around on it. Ten bucks and it's in great condition!! I know it'll be awhile before he can actually ride around on it, but I couldn't resist. He loves it!!

I think I keep forgetting this kid is just 18 months old. He just looks and acts so much older to me I can hardly believe it. I look at him and think you could pass for a two-and-a-half year old!
What happened to my little baby?!

Speaking of babies...
Congratulations to the King family!! Baby Logan was born yesterday; a strong, healthy and adorable little brother for Sydney! We're so happy for you guys. What a blessing!

And didn't post on Monday, and spaced it after that, but Happy Belated Birthday to Patty! I hope you had a great day.


Mom/GrammaG said...

Oh Boy! A new bike,what color? Your right,he looks so big, and pretty darned proud of his new wheels!!Sure glad Savannahs' "throw ups" were short lived (and that Ryan was able to "share" in the experience.LOL)XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

Gainell said...

Well written article.