Tuesday, May 15, 2007

lights out

We had a good thunderstorm this evening and we actually lost power for a couple of hours. It was so dark and gloomy outside, it made it very dark inside -even at 6pm. The kids had fun traipsing around the house with flashlights, playing "hunting" games and making light shows on the ceiling. At one point we were all snuggled on my bed reading books by flashlight. Then the kids got silly on the bed and I decided to play around a bit with the camera and try to take some pictures of the lights in the dark.

some of them looked pretty spooky!

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Mom said...

I had just checked your weather on the computer because the news reported a tornado near Chicago and hail near Detroit.Glad to hear you didn't have any of that...just a little fun in the "dark".Spooky light is right!!!XOXOX