Sunday, May 13, 2007

Grumpy Happy Mother’s Day!
Is it really really really wrong to not want to be around your kids on Mother's Day?

We had a nice day yesterday. We spent most of it outside in the sunshine, both in our yard and then after naptime we went over to Cascades park to play. It was pretty busy since it was such a nice Saturday. I found myself super annoyed though, as there were way too many older kids running around on the little kid's climber. This park has two play areas next to each other... one is really for way bigger kids, like 6yrs and up, with tons more tunnels, bridges and slides and it's much higher, etc. The other, smaller one is where we play and it's not as big and elaborate and kids as young as Sawyer can maneuver most of without much help. Well, yesterday there were like 10 older kids who kept running back and forth between the play structures playing chase and climbing and jumping around. Which would be fine, except for the couple of dozen toddlers and preschoolers trying to play without being run over or knocked over with every step they took. It was driving me nuts. Savannah got stepped on a couple of times and Sawyer got knocked over just walking on the ground. And I know that happens, I am not one who cares if my child is bumped or bruised on the playground. I just don't think it needs to be by a 12 year old running full speed or jumping off the top of the little kid slide. I mean, where were these parents?
And while I'm on this rant... can I just add, are so many parents still really that stupid, ignorant or careless to smoke around their children? I mean we're at a freaking playground for goodness sakes. I shouldn't have to be breathing your smoke at a children's play area. I was reminded again at the great population of this great town. I mean, with the weather as nice as it was, it of course brought out all of Jackson's finest. Those of you that live here know exactly what I mean. All the teenage moms with several kids, all the dads in wife-beater t-shirts and shorts down to their ankles with a cigarette hanging out of their mouth, parents yelling (often cussing) at their kids at the top of their lungs irritated because they had to pause their cell phone conversation --if they're even paying attention to the kids that is, moms tripping around in the woodchips in their platform wedges and tiny shorts with their chest falling out of their itty bitty tanktop. Sorry, I'm being kind of mean, but really... I can't wait to move sometimes.

When we'd had enough of the "entertainment" at the park, Ryan suggested we go out to dinner to "celebrate" Mother's Day early. Sounded good to me... not to have to cook or mess up the kitchen. Well, the kids decided to make it not so much fun. Neither one of them ate a bite (and I'm not exaggerating on that... not one bite) and were both silly and loud and antsy. Normally these kids are very well-behaved in restaurants, but yesterday they were driving us crazy! Seriously, I have never seen them so uncooperative in public. So we ate quickly and it was not quite the relaxing "celebration" we were hoping for. We left there with me asking Ryan, "is it really bad that what I want for Mother's Day is to NOT be with my kids?" I was half joking, and I felt bad, but I just could not wait for them to be in bed and away from me!
I figured by morning, we would be starting over and all irritation would be forgotten.

Boy, was I wrong!
  • 1:30am: We're awakened by Savannah screaming in her room. Turns out she had gotten up, turned on her light to fix her cd which was skipping. After turning off the light and getting back in bed, she for the first time noticed the eerie glow that those compact florescent lightbulbs leave for a minute or so after turning off. Apparently it scared her to death. She was frozen in her bed screaming for Daddy to turn on the light. And it took awhile to get her calmed down and explain it to her. In the middle of the night.
  • 1:50am: Savannah comes in to tell us she's still scared and ask if she can lay with us for a minute. Ryan holds her for a few minutes before I take her back to bed.
  • 2:15am: Savannah comes in to tell us she can't sleep and she's thirsty. Ryan starts to lose his patience and puts her back to bed.
  • 3:15am: Sawyer is whining/yelling at us in his room. Ryan goes in and helps him get his socks back on.
  • 3:30am: Still whining/yelling. I go it to tuck him back in.
  • 3:40am: Still whining/yelling. Ryan goes in to make sure he has his binkie.
  • 4:00am: Still yelling. Ryan goes in to tell him to be quiet.
  • 4:20am: Now crying. I give him tylenol. Whatever, just go to sleep!
  • 4:45am: Still whining. I go in once more to check on him, cover him up, tell him it's really time to sleep and pat his back for a minute.
  • 5:00am: Still whining. Ryan goes in and rocks him for a few minutes. I'm surprised Savannah is actually asleep. Sawyer is not the quietest thing in the world.
I think after that he was asleep. Or at least quiet enough we got back to sleep for a couple of hours. I think that was seriously one of the worst nights we've ever had. Even when either one of them were infants.
And of course Savannah was up bright and cheery at 7:15, "Good Morning Mom! Good Morning Dad!"
And Sawyer shortly after, not so cheery, yelling at us again at 7:30.
Fun, fun.

Also, Savannah has been sent to her room twice already this morning, and we've had countless screaming fits from the SawMan, and Ryan's still in bed. Happy Mother's Day to me.
You know, I think I have pretty well-behaved kids. I just wish they'd show me a little bit of that today instead of making me feel like I must be failing at this mom thing. On Mother's Day, LOL!

Everyone just had me open my presents for Mother's Day. Very cute cards, a handmade vase from Savannah, date and babysitting money from the kids, and Ryan bought me a 4 Milllion Dollar Home. They were nice surprises. Hopefully our day will turn around. The sun is out, it's gorgeous weather and we have the day to relax. I just hope the kids cooperate a bit!!

Happy Mother's Day, especially to our Moms, but to all you moms reading today! Hope you enjoy yourself today!


Mom said...

Your a great Mom and a wonderful daughter,Heather. Thanks for ALL the breakfasts in bed and the creative ways that you make(made) me smile.Hope your afternoon is a blessing!(with a nap:) Happy Mothers Day Sweetie !XOXOXOXOXOXOXO

dr_sanders said...

Happy Mother's Day, Heather! I hope things have turned around a little better since this morning for you. Have you taken your "virtual vacation" yet? Maybe that will help you out a little to you soon via webcam & Skype!
Love, Debbie

K.M. Laughlin said...

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!! I hope you had a relaxing day!

Annie said...

Happy Mother's Day Friend! Hope your day was great overall.
Love you!