Friday, May 04, 2007

a new game of tag

Here's a photo "meme" I came across on a fellow Michigan Mom's blog.
I thought it'd be fun... something different.
What's On Your Nightstand?
Well, first of all I don't have a nightstand. We demoted ours to the guest room when we got our new bed and have yet to buy new anything to match our bed. Actually, up until about three days ago, I've had an unpacked moving box sitting there handling the nightstand job just fine. But being that the last time I actually used cardboard for furniture was in my first apartment when I was 19... I decided I should get rid of that now that we have potential buyers coming through our house. So that leaves a small stack of journals and books to hold my alarm clock.
Sad, I know. It's in the corner of the room though, so it's not that obviously sad.

Can I do a substitute? Here's our dresser. Relatively dust and clutter free (minus one stray necklace I wore last night), courtesy once again to our house being FOR SALE.

Or what about this one. This might be a good one.
What's On Your Bathroom Counter?
here's mine... my tiny cluttered bathroom sink...
So right now, go take a picture. Nightstand or bathroom counter. Or both if you're feeling brave.
Don't touch anything, just point and shoot and post.
Consider yourself tagged.


Nicole said...

oh yikes! LOL. I'm in. I'll go snap right now. I won't be able to post until later, though.

Have a good weekend ;)

Anonymous said...

Ahhh! I posted a comment but lost it; sorry if this comes up as a repeat!!

Of course I remember you, and I admit to lurking around here occasionally as well! :) It's good to know that you're all well and that I'm not the only silent one! I admire you, considering the ease with which you can pack up and move (again) with two little kiddos. I know that's no easy task! I hope St. Louis treats you as well as Michigan has.

I'll continue to drop in every once in awhile, and I'll say hi when I do! You do the same. Take care, Amber-Rose

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

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