Friday, May 18, 2007

I'm scared

to wake up in the morning.
I am going to HURT.

Don and Katie bought a new house, they were very excited about it, so we went over to do a drive-by this evening. It's just down the road from us (figuratively, not literally. but funny enough, it's right next door to a house we went through when we were looking last year!) and we had some time to waste before getting the kids ready for bed tonight, so we jumped in the car and headed over to look at this "sweet house".
Nice house, very different layout, very wooded lot about an acre in size. The lot. Dun-Dun-Dun.

After walking around the house and peeking in all the windows (yes, it's vacant), we decided to scope out the yard. Well, there's just a few tiny patches of grass outside the front and back doors, and pretty much the rest of the land is little hills and tons of trees. Seriously, you can't see the road from the house at all; it's like you're in the middle of the wilderness. Not flat wilderness. So we (Ryan) wander up one embankment to see over and how much land is between the house and the road. Savannah, of course wants to follow, so I help her up but I am also holding Sawyer. This is not just a small rolling hill, mind you. It's a steep hill made up of dirt and pine needles and the top is at least eight feet higher than the "yard" at the front door where we where. It was as rugged of a hike as any I've ever taken, albeit it was only a few yards. Ryan was way ahead of us, over the rise, checking out the view. I was trying to help Savannah up with one hand and keep my balance with Sawyer in my other arm. I finally call for Ryan to come help Savannah get the rest of the way up, and as he takes her hand, and as I let go of her, I must have shifted my weight and all of a sudden I feel dirt giving away underneath my feet. I try to get my footing, but with Sawyer in my arms, I can't see or move very well, and before I know it I'm sliding down the hill along with the dirt. Sliding down a hill backwards on your feet doesn't last too long, and so I of course ended up falling forward which led to sliding down the hill on my hands and knees. Like I said, this hill was simply loose dirt and pine needles, so there wasn't much hope for stopping myself. When I fell, I had Sawyer in both arms directly in front of me, so trying to protect him from the fall and trying not to fall completely on him myself, I held him and landed with all my weight on my elbows, jamming both my arms in the process. And then continuing with my slide to the bottom. Sawyer, thankfully survived with just a few scrapes on his back. I, however, am a little bit worse for the wear. When I finally stood up I thought, 'oh, it's not so bad... just mostly scared and shaky.'

Well when we got in the car, I realized how tender my shoulders, elbows and forearms were... my right arm looks like a ripe red strawberry patch. Scraped up my knees (through my pants) too. And my back hurt between my shoulderblades along with my neck... I felt like I had whiplash. I laughed to myself. In all my years of camping and hiking, I don't remember ever being hurt like I was on this stupid little hill. Then again, I don't normally hike with a 30 pound kid in my arms.

When we got home, Ryan had me just sit and relax while he gave the kids baths and got them ready for bed. Then Don calls and decides to come over to play a little basketball, so I decide to take a nice hot shower and just lay low for the evening.
Well when I got up off the couch, I knew I was in trouble. The muscles in my arms and in my back were already stiff and sore. My triceps felt like I'd worked out for 8 hours straight yesterday. I thought a nice hot shower would help, and the water pounding on me did feel good. But once in there, I realized it was an extreme chore to lift my arms to wash my hair and just soaping up was painful. Getting out and drying off... that took a lot of effort. I'm thinking if I shower tomorrow, I'm going to need a spare set of arms to soap and shampoo by then.
I am completely dreading getting up in the morning. I already feel like I was in a car accident or something. I wonder if I did seriously jam my arms.
Sheesh, what a trip! (I guess that would be a slip technically, not a trip.)

Ryan's about ready to move me back to Oregon. He swears that moving here has caused me to fall apart. It's true... I pretty much only saw doctors to have a baby before, and since we've been here I've been in the ER, had surgery, had a root canal, had wisdom teeth taken out, so on and so forth. Pretty ridiculous.
Maybe I'll do better in Missouri. LOL!


Mom said...

I hope you have some x-strength Tylenol...your'e going to need it. I am so sorry about your slip.Thankful,that you saved your son from getting hurt,but GOOD GRIEF!!!Maybe Ryan needs to take better care of YOU!!I think you will need a couple more soaks in the warm tub.Your'e in my prayers!xoxooxoxoxoxoxoxxooooxoxoxoxoxoxox

Nicole said...

HAAHAHHA!! You're going to need RYan to spoon feed you with your jammed up arms HAHA! You'd better stick to exploring the house at the Huffs LOL... Take some meds and relax today... hope you feel better soon!

dr_sanders said...

So sorry to hear about your mishap. Surely Ryan is taking good care of you! Ryan knows this better than any of us, but make sure you take Ibuprofen, as it not only helps with the aches and muscle soreness, but specifically reduces/helps the inflammation -- you probably are already taking it! Hope you can relax and get over the worst of it this weekend!

K.M. Laughlin said...

Hope you are feeling okay today and got some rest! Miss ya!

Mom/Barb said...

Heather told me about YOUR recent injury,Ryan.Ouch!!!C'mon you guys,enough allready! At least now you two can be uncomfortable (miserable)together.:)Hope you BOTH mend quickly.XOXOX

'so-called' Doc said...

Heather, Heather, Heather...

You paint such a descriptive picture of the accident that I feel like I'm scraped and banged up. I can't handle your stories, and I hope your injuries and pain are getting better.

I think I need a new job.