Thursday, May 10, 2007


Sawyer had his 18month check-up this morning. Everything is A-Okay. The doctor is not concerned at all with his eating and said I should just continue what I'm doing with the offering him whatever we're having for our meals and making a few minor adjustments according to his allergies. If he doesn't eat... he's not going to starve. She doesn't seem to care that he will go for three days and have eaten nothing but pretzels and a half of a banana. She's not so worried about his nutrition as the habits we're forming if we were catering to him or only offering what we know he might eat (probably including my healthy cookies). He gained a pound since his last visit ( he's up to just under 27lbs and he's 31 1/2 inches tall) and he's still on the same curve for his weight and height. So I just have to not stress about his eating. Or his allergies. Or his not talking. Got two shots and didn't even blink a tear! (which reminds me... I don't think I ever mentioned last week that Savannah was Little Miss Bravery at her check-up too. She got FOUR shots and a finger prick and she didn't cry at all!!!)

He's using sign language like crazy. Still stubborn about talking, although we can usually get him to say a few things if we really beg. He'll say Daddy and Savannah (Nah) and dog and ball and today I kind of got him to say bubble. But he's using sign language like crazy.
And he plays this little game where he picks up a bag or a purse or even a box or a toy or if he's going to throw something away or put something away for me... and he makes a big production about leaving the room with this great cheery wave good bye. That's our cue to say "goodbye Sawyer! Have a nice trip!" and he giggles and runs away. Today he was taking a diaper to his room to throw away after a diaper change and I wasn't paying attention to him apparently waving his hand off waiting to play his little game. He finally yelled at me... "HEY". I swear he did. And when I looked over he got his usual grin and wave going. I said, "Sawyer, can you say BYE BYE?" He shook his head at me and continued waving. Stubborn kid.

Anyway, Sawyer's a happy healthy toddler. Here are some pictures from today in his freshly washed car...
What else has he been up to? A whole lot of trouble, let me tell you! He now can climb up on the dining room chairs by himself so I quite often find him on the table or the kitchen counters. He can climb up onto the couches as well, which he is quite proud of. Only he LOVES to jump and climb and flip and slide off the furniture which I DO NOT LOVE.

Funny story... Just this afternoon, after reminding him repeatedly and having previously removed him from the couch several times earlier in the day, he was still climbing up and sliding down the arm of the couch. I lost my patience and swept him off the couch and swatted his little diaper padded butt. Now, as much as this kid loves to make trouble... he really hates actually getting into trouble. As in a stern voice or a swat on the butt or a mean look. He loses it. He acts all offended and hurt and goes running off to his room.
So off he went in tears this afternoon and I called after him, "you can come back out when you're done crying and want to sit nice."
He cried into his rocking chair for about 30 seconds and then we heard him give it up and start to come out. Savannah jumped up from the couch next to me saying, "I'll go see if he wants to talk about it Mom. I'll talk to him and help him think about it." OMG, I was trying not to crack up.
Savannah runs in there and shoos him back into his room and I can hear the whole (one-sided) conversation.
"Sawyer, do you know why you're in here?" (well actually it was because I was embarrassed that I got in trouble)
"Sawyer, Mommy needs you to be safe on the funchair **that's fouryearold-speak for furniture around here**. If you can't be safe Mommy might have to spank you and I might not be able to sit on the couch with you anymore. You have to listen to me and Mommy. Can you think about that Sawyer?" (whatever... can you hand me that book?)
"Sawyer, if you're ready to talk about it you can say yes." (points out the window and pants like a dog)
"Sawyer, are you ready to come out now and have fun the right way?" (already running past you on the way out)

Oh, it was so cute and so hilarious. I wish I would have had the video camera up here to get that on tape. Priceless.

I'll leave you with Sawyer and his absolute favorite hobby these days... brushing his teeth. He probably does this a dozen times a day. And it makes him so stinkin' happy! This is an actual get ready for bedtime toothbrushing and he was hamming it up.


Nicole said...

I can totally hear Savannah saying those things HAHA!! That is hilarious.

Porter does that "I'm so hurt and upset at getting into trouble" thing... he'll get his hand smacked or butt swatted and he totally melts down for a whole half a minute then he's over it and onto the next adventure in mischief. Fun stuff these toddlers are...

Mom said...

Your kids(MY grandkids)are too stinkin'cute. No wonder I miss them so much!Sure glad the Dr.'s report(s) was a good one.Sawyer is stubborn for sure,and pretty darn clever! (Such brave kids too!)Can you tell I'm proud of them???