Friday, June 01, 2007

I think it's time

Sadly, I'm not looking forward to pottytraining Sawyer. Not only am I dreading it being a huge chore, but once he's pottytrained he'll really not be my baby anymore. My last baby. Who knows if we'll have an infant again as we're pretty open to adopting various ages.
So with the pottytraining thing, I haven't broken out the potty chair yet. We have one of those handy child-sized seats on the toilet in our main bathroom that Savannah uses, so I've put Sawyer on the toilet a few times before his bath (which he LOVES and then he throws a fit when I finally make him get off the pot and in the tub), but that's the extent of my efforts.
However, he's been telling me more and more often when he's got a full diaper or especially when he's poopy. And he's no longer just telling me and then going back to playing... he's wanting his diaper changed ASAP.

This morning I was in the shower and I heard him come in the bathroom. I poked my head out of the shower and said "Hi there Sawyer, go back out and play... Mommy's almost done". A minute later I poked my head out again because I hadn't heard him patter out of the bathroom yet, and I look and he's just standing there... as soon as he saw my head poke out, he says "yucky" and points to his rear end. I say, "okay, Mommy's almost done and then we'll get a new diaper". I really wasn't almost done, and I was hoping he'd just forget about it and go back to whatever he was doing. A minute later I see a tap tap tapping on the shower curtain. I peek out again and he's still standing there pointing again to his not so fresh tush. No matter what I said, he would not go away until I turned off the water and got out of the shower and then he ran right into his room to get a diaper. LOL!

So for some reason, I'm still trying to put off digging out the potty chair until we get moved, but I'm thinking we may be making a few attempts at the big potty before then. I'm not expecting it to be any big deal as I know he's still awfully young and frankly, I'm in no rush to be in that frantically finding bathrooms whenever we're out because we're potty training mode again. Diapers are much more convenient LOL! But who knows, maybe he'll get it real quick and it won't be as much work as I'm imagining. I just know it's usually such a long process, I'm not looking forward to starting now and having probably close to a whole year of trying and pull-ups and oops, didn't make it in time! ahead of us. Doesn't that sound like fun to you?

Alrighty, I'm off to clean up a little and maybe put some thought into an outfit or something. Emilie is coming over tonight to watch the kids so Ryan and I can go on an actual real planned ahead of time date. Nothing too exciting... just dinner and probably a movie, but it's long overdue, and I am so looking forward to it. I never dreamed (dreamt?) that we would be "those" parents that never got away from their kids. On the contrary, we were used to quite a bit of "freedom" from the kids. But it's a whole different story not having our family = free babysitters here! The good thing is that at least our kids have a pretty early bedtime, so Ryan and I usually have lots of couple time in the evenings... it'll just be nice to actually get out of the house without them!! So anyway, I was thinking about attempting to get all dolled up tonight for our hot date, but then I realized that I don't think I remember how to do that anymore.
Maybe just getting out of my gauchos and painting my toenails will be enough?

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K.M. Laughlin said...

you are going to have so much fun tonight!!!! i hope Sawyer can get the potty training down real quick!!! miss you