Monday, April 23, 2007

Pictures, Cousins, and a Daddy who is conveniently always MIA for the good stuff.

Still no house decision. By the way, you people are not very good at this either. I ask you for help... please choose your favorite house, and what do you do? I pick #2, 3, or 4.
Pick A house. Not three. Thanks for your input, but that doesn't help much... LOL!

Here's what we found Savannah had left for us as we drove up to our driveway last night...

(you can click on the pics to see larger)

And here are a few pictures from playing outside this morning...

Can you tell I missed my kids? Pictures galore.

Sawyer was sick yesterday. I guess he woke up in the morning vomiting and managed that a few more times throughout the day. I felt bad not being there. My poor mom had to deal with it... and we were hurrying home as fast as we could.
We also realized that Ryan has never once had to deal with one of our kids being sick like that. Yeah, he's been around for fevers and colds, but never once for throwing up. Savannah has only been sick like that once for three or four days (when she was almost 2) and Ryan was out of town for two weeks. Missed it. Sawyer got the bug that Taegen, Debbie and Jen had this past January when we (me and the kids) were visiting them in Portland. He threw up every hour for about 8 hours straight. Where was Ryan? Relaxing at home by himself. And yesterday when Sawyer was miserable all morning... we were driving home from our househunting weekend away. I say Ryan's got pretty good timing. He says the kids just miss him so much it makes 'em sick. LOL!
Anyway, Sawyer's better today (See, Ryan totally missed it). He still woke with a fever, but he's acting pretty normal and mischievous.

We got to talk to Taegen and Tasi on the webcam last night. They were so cute, and little Tasi is absolutely adorable. She doesn't look anything like Taegen did; she has lots of dark hair. When Savannah was born we all thought she reminded us of Holly's baby pictures, and from the pictures I've seen, Tasi is the same way. She reminded me of baby Savannah. Nothing like the bald blonde round headed baby Taegen!! So sweet to see them together!

Alright... speaking of Savannah's hair, I'm off to make an appointment for her to get her hair cut. Scary!!

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dr_sanders said...

Okay, our choice is #1 then. The great yard, location and amenities all outweigh the negatives, i.e. taking off the wallpaper! Being on a cul-de-sac and having such a great large yard for the kids to play in and not being near busy streets are high priorities, plus the lake + other amenities are great bonuses. We will still pray for your decision. (Aren't Taegen and Tasi just too cute together?!) Glad you got to see them via webcam.
Love, Mom/Grandma