Saturday, April 07, 2007

so random

New blog I wanted to pass on to anyone interested...
Bethany Fegles is a fun friend (can I say friend if I've only hung out with her once?) I met when I was visiting Annie last January in Portland. Bethany and her husband had just been getting involved in our church when we were getting ready to move last year, so I never got a chance to get to know her well. Fun girl, great photographer. She started a new photo blog I just wanted to share it with you. If any of you in the Portland area are looking for a photographer... Bethany just got her business started recently and from what I've seen she is awesome! You can check out her website here.

Still snowing around here. In fact, it's coming down like crazy right now as I type. No zoo trip for us today. I'm not real thrilled with 30 degree weather for Easter. But I've decided we are going to bundle up and do an Easter egg hunt out in our yard tomorrow. As ridiculous as I think it is, I realized we will most likely experience another Easter with snow falling, so we'd better experience it fully!
We're going to be decorating eggs and all that fun stuff today. You can probably check back here and find pictures later tonight.

Sawyer's still under the weather. Not sure what his deal is... he woke up yesterday with a fever, and he's just been kind of laying low, Mr. Mellow, which is NOT like him. This morning he woke up kind of late at eight, crying (which is also highly unusual... I hope it's not his ears...) and when I went in and picked him up out of his crib he nuzzled right into the crook of my neck. I sat down to rock him for a bit, and he snuggled there with me for a good 15 minutes, which never ever ever happens. Poor kid, I hope he shakes this fever soon.

Ryan and I took Sawyer out to the grocery store this morning (Savannah stayed with gramma and grampa). I had noticed before that Meijer had some new car carts for the kids to ride in, so we went over to grab one. Sawyer got pretty excited, but what we didn't realize was that you have to rent them (just $1) and they have tv's in them! I have never heard of such a thing!! The kid sits in there behind the wheel and there's a little 7" tv screen on the dashboard with Barney or Bob the Builder playing. We got one because Sawyer had already climbed in, but he barely paid attention to the video... he's content with the original standard car cart with a simple steering wheel at all the other grocery stores. One of the employees stopped and talked to us about how great those carts were, and don't we just love it?! She commented on how quiet the toy section had been now that they got these; there are no longer kids throwing fits in the carts and aisles because they want all these toys... they're too absorbed in the tv! Not quite sure how I feel about that... with all the tv's and dvd players placed all over for the kids: in the minivan, in McDonalds, now in the shopping carts! Talk about tv as a babysitter. Where is it going to end??

Okay, enough rambling for now...
I'll be back later with pics from today.

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Gramma G said...

Sorry to hear Sawman isn't feeling good.That's no fun!Everyone go to bed early tonite and wake up healhy!xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox