Sunday, April 01, 2007

Some News

So it looks like we are going to continue our tour of United States by moving to St. Louis. We made our decision after careful consideration of our three main options and have elected to accept a position with Pfizer in St. Louis. It was a tough decision since we had the chance to move back to Portland, but in the end it made the most sense to continue on with Pfizer and go to St. Louis. I feel confident that I will really like the job and I think that we will be happy in St. Louis. We know a few people there, although they are all spread out throughout the city, but are looking forward to hanging out with them.
Honestly, we really wanted to stay where we are but there weren't any job offers to keep us in the area. We feel like we just got here, just got settled into our house and were just looking forward to our first Michigan spring. Right when we thought that we were done moving for awhile, we are going to be getting ready to pack up again. I am not sure when we are going to be expected down there but I am guessing that it will be sometime in June or July. Not only will this be our 5th move in just about 5 years of marriage, but this will bring us one step closer to completing the tour of all the cities that the fab four members live in, we only have Columbia, MO left (unless we can draw he Laughlins to St. Louis first).
Savannah isn't ready to move but she did tell me that if we do move she wants to move to Portland. I think that taking her on our first house hunting trip helped her with the idea of a new house and she might me ok with it now.

Here are the highlights for each family member from our first house hunting trip:

That there was a Target, Old Navy and Krispy Kreme within just a few miles from every house that we looked at, and this is an easier way to get that new kitchen that I want.

Swimming at the hotel of course!

We went where? I figured that you just wanted to torture me by keeping me in the car for four straight days, but I did like riding on the elevators.

CFA within walking distance of our hotel in Indy.

I (or Heather) will keep everyone up to date on when and exactly where we are moving but until then keep us in your prayers that this will be a smooth transition, that we find the right house and enjoy our new city.
For everybody back in Oregon, we are still planning on coming back to visit for a week or two this summer but we really don't know when at this point, but will let you know when we do.

Since I have been out of the blogging game so long I didn't put a movie quote in this post, so instead people can guess what my favorite Luther Vandross song is...


K.M. Laughlin said...

YEAH!!!!!! I am so excited! an hour and a half compared to a plane ride away from you guys is MUCH better! We are so happy! Of course, you will be in our prayers in finding the right house and the transition goes smoothly!

Annie said...

I'm not going to lie and pretend to be as thrilled as the above comment, but I am still really happy for you guys & that you are getting to go someplace where you already have some friends/are excited about living! I guess Cade will have to keep wondering why Savannah can't ever meet us at the park for another couple years or so! :)

Annie said...

Oh, and of course we'll continue to pray for smooth transition for you all and that you find a great house (with a really great kitchen)! :)

Amie said...

2 hearts...2 hearts that beat as one...our life has just begun...yeah...yeah....yeah...NO ONE CAN DENY!!! THIS LO-A-OVE WE HAVE INSIDE AND I GIVE IT ALL TO YOU!!! uh-hum... Sorry...I am happy about your upcoming move. :)

Amie said...

ENDLESS LOVE!!!! ok I'm really done now. This song is probably not even Luther Vandross anyway. I don't even know!

Barb & Steve said...

Why is everyone up so late tonite? Have to say, we are a little dissapointed here,thought there was a real chance you would be moving back to the area.But we are also very excited for you. Sounds like you allready have seen many things you like about St.Louis. It will be fun for you(& visitors like us) to be able to see & do all kinds of sights and activities.(Major League baseball!!!And flights seem to be cheaper to STL.than DTW!!!)Thanks for keeping us up on what's happening.We'll keep YOU guys in our thoughts & prayers.

Anonymous said...

does your favorite song have any connection with a bouncy orange ball that goes in a hoop??