Saturday, April 21, 2007

At this rate we'll be homeless in St. Louis...

We have narrowed our house choices down to four. I know... four is not real narrow.
But we've listed all our pros and cons for each house and we both have different favorites and we both have different least favorites and neither one of us knows what we really would pick if (and when) it comes right down to it.

We need your help.
One of these four houses will be our next home.
We are putting our future in your hands.
Which one would you choose?

House #1
House #2
House #3
House #4

After you make your choice... here is our lowdown.
House #1:
*We like the layout, great playroom for the kids, the big yard, the location and the amenities with lake access
*We don't like tiny master bath, basement is limited space, no real guest bedroom, tons of wallpaper to remove.

House #2:
*We like that the house is practically brand new, HUGE bedrooms, nice open layout, and the freedom to finish the basement the way we want/need it.
*We don't like that it's so new the neighborhood is still developing, the cost of finishing the basement, and a high HOA fee without amenities.

House #3:
*We like that it is newer and we would not have to finish/change a thing, beautiful finished walk-out basement with 5th bedroom and 3rd full bath, and a nice fenced yard.
*We don't love the location (it's pretty convenient, just close to busyness), there is no fireplace, and not much storage or workshop/garage space.

House #4:
*We like the size of the house a lot... all the rooms are huge, big entryway, big bedrooms, potential of finishing our own basement, three car garage, and walking distance to the neighborhood pool, clubhouse, tennis courts, and playground.
*We don't like the size/limited usability of the yard, cost of finishing the basement (but the price of the house itself is lower so it kind of evens out), and it's an awesome neighborhood, but it's questionable as to how close/busy a new highway extention would come.

I really think we would be happy with any of them. We just can't seem to make a decision.
Maybe we'll just draw from a hat....


kimca01 said...

Ok, what's the yard like on #2? So far I've narrowed it down 2, 3 and 4, it's nice having a guest room/extra room etc.

Anonymous said...

Just from the pictures I pick house #3 , but only if it has room for the pool table

MacKenzie Leigh said...

I would say, house 4 wins. Because even though you have the limited yard you are right down the road from the park/pool/etc.
And house 3 comes in at a close second. :)

dr_sanders said...

We cast our vote for either #1 or #4. #2 is definitely out b/c of having to pay a high HOA w/o any real amenities. I think you will really love having an eating area in the kitchen especially when the kids are little, it is so much easier -- and #1 has a huge kitchen and nice deck and great yard -- on a cul-de-sac is always nice and a great neighborhood is important. But, it is hard to tell by just photos. #4 is nice also, and removing wallpaper isn't always hard -- especially since it hasn't been there for 30+ years, it should be fairly easy to remove.
We are still praying for your let us know when you decide.
Love, Mom/Andy
PS Although having a guest room is nice, you still have the option of the basement in both of these homes to set up a space. It could encourage out-of-town guests to make shorter visits or choose to stay in a hotel instead :) Could be a good thing!

Annie said...

Hey guys, here are my 2 cents: To me, #1 looks like a nightmare (I hate removing wallpaper & if there are other options that are comparable w/out wallpaper). I really like both #2 & #3 the best. Both have a soaking tub. I'm leaning towards #3 (b/c of HOA fees of #2 (but I also think we should factor in how soon the amenities will be available, because it is a beautiful, large home). #3 is ahead (although by "busier area" do you mean it's less safe or on a very busy street? If so, that would probably put it out of the running for me) however, with that said, the colors in the house (sans the hot pink) really remind me of you and I LOVE the house itself). Also, I like the idea of having guest area for obvious reasons.Happy narrowing!

K.M. Laughlin said...

Mike and I love the Seine House. Yes, it will be a lot of work, but it has GREAT potential. You have a huge yard and with Lake Access, not many people have that! It has huge possibilities with a resale value too! (House #1)

heather said...

The backyard with #2 is decent sized, it's just that they are all really close. We're basically looking into our backyard neighbors houses. All the houses have or have the possibility of a fifth (guest) bedroom except for the first house. That house still has 4 bedrooms, just no possibility for a 5th for if/when we add another child to the mix. Not that kids can't share bedrooms, but we have so many out of town guests it's really nice for them to have their own space somewhat away from our rooms, KWIM?

Gabe & Heidi's P.A.D. said...

My vote is for #3.

Nicole said...

Ok, I've narrowed it down to #3 or #4. Seems to me that you showed me #3 before, and you loved it, so maybe thats a gut instinct?

Anonymous said...

After careful thought and picking from #4 or #3 I have selected the #3 house since it is finished with a fenced backyard. I believe it is the best fit for you.


Anonymous said...

Location, Location, Location.....

Amie R said...

I am leaning toward #3.

Anonymous said...

Seems like it is down to 1,3,or 4 with more comments for 3 or 4, but I choose 1 and agree with the others who voted for 1 and location is key.