Thursday, April 26, 2007

And the answer you've all been waiting for...

So we made an offer on a house.
They accepted, so we're on our way to being Missourians. Or the Morrisons in Missouri I guess. We'll have to change our blog address!! LOL!
We picked house #4 by the way. Thanks for all your input... in the end, we kind of liked that this one was in the middle; still new enough that it's not too much work, but not so perfect that we can't make it "ours". And it is in a great neighborhood. We're excited about it.

Please keep us and the rest of this process in your prayers, as we still have a long way to go in getting out of this house, getting everything to fall in place timing-wise to get down there, and of course moving and settling into yet another new community.
It's strange.... we were in this exact same situation exactly one year ago. I think we actually put our offer on this house we're in on the table on the exact same day a year ago. Weird.
Anyway, we'll be moving the middle/end of June.
So that's the news for now. We'll keep you posted, and really-- thanks so much for all your thoughts, encouragement and help with this whole process. Whether you're praying for us, "helping" us decide on our next home, or just leaving a random comment on our blog... it really helps keep us sane, keep some perspective, and let's us know we have a few cheerleaders out there for us!

p.s. Happy Birthday Callum!! I really cannot believe you're a one year old already! Have a happy day sweet little boy!


LeeAnn said...

I'm glad to hear your good news on the house! I'll have to look through your blogs to find what house#4 is like... Congrats!

K.M. Laughlin said...

CONGRATS!!!! We are so excited for you all! I just got back from Vegas and caught up on the new haircut and house. Awesome! Miss ya!