Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The SawMonster

My child is a monster who eats poor innocent chickies.
Yes, this little egg "basket" had a little fluffy chick in it, along with some tiny little polka-dotted eggs. Well Sawyer got a hold of it, and as you can see, it is no longer a basket, and the little chick is nowhere to be found.

I had pulled my box of Easter decorations out awhile ago, but had yet to put together my Easter Tree as I do every year. I was having trouble finding a suitable branch to use for my tree this year. Normally I can find a real pretty branch, just the right shape for a "tree" and usually has little buds on it or cherry blossom flowers or something nice and springy. Well this year, seeing how Michigan apparently really doesn't have a spring until months after everyone else in the country, I had a really hard time finding a nice branch. Everything in my yard is still bare and looks cold and dead. So while I was holding out, hoping for some trees to blossom around here, my blown and decorated eggs were still hanging out packed up in the box. I left the box on a dining room chair in the corner of the dining room. It's a fairly tall box, so I figured it was pretty safe up there from the curiosity of the SawMonster. Yeah right.

I forgot about the fact that Sawyer *loves* to make step stools out of everything. Baskets, boxes, tupperware, pillows, you name it and he'll drag it over to wherever he's trying to get taller. So I found him the other day, standing on Savannah's cooshie, on his tiptoes, in front of the chair, straining to reach into my box. He was going for a second egg. The first one was on the floor and had a hole out of it and was missing pieces. Namely the fuzzy little chick. Seriously, I think he ate it because I can't find it anywhere!

Anyway... bummed me out because that egg was my favorite. But it got me motivated to finally just go out and pick a branch, ugly or not, and get that tree done before Sawyer mutilated anymore of my creations!!

Here's a quick pic of it... sans some of my eggs because the branch I picked ended up being kind of small.
I cannot believe it's almost Easter already!

I finally updated my pictures on my other page. I am seriously getting bad at that... I'd like to do it everyday, and while at least I'm succeeding at using my camera everyday, I'm becoming a real slacker on actually getting them onto my computer and up on the page everyday. But here they are (and only up to nine days late!). I'm gonna try hard this week to have them there each day, so feel free to check up on me. The link is always in the right hand sidebar BTW.

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Mom said...

Thanks for filling in all the pics and your commitment to blogging. It means alot to those of us FAR away!XOXOX