Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Welcome Tasi

We get to welcome a sweet baby girl into our family today... our new little niece and the kids' number two cousin was born today to Dan and Holly. Taegen is now a big sister!!
Tasi Marie was born in Yigo, Guam this afternoon (which was actually 8:21 AM on the morning of the 19th if you're talking Guam time.) She was a healthy 6lbs 12oz and everyone is doing great.

Big congrats to the happy family... Taegen, enjoy your new baby sister... we all can't wait to meet you soon little Tasi!
(pronounced Tah-see.... it means "ocean")


Not much else going on around here lately. Just kind of recovering from Easter and all the birthday hullabaloo... laying low, getting lots of busy work done around here.

We had a couple of realtors come through our house last Saturday before my parents came into town. So we're just waiting on an inspection and a few other realtor/relocation paperwork and things before we can get our house officially on the market.
Ryan and I are headed back down to MO this weekend to do a little more house hunting, as well as possibly touring the new workplace and Ryan may attend a meeting there that he was wanted to be a part of.
Keep your fingers crossed that the house hunting goes well, as I'm starting to get a tad bit stressed about finding a house and moving and selling this one and all that goes with it.
It'll be a four day trip and we're going to get a chance to hang out with a few friends along the way. It'll be nice to get away without the kids, and even though this trip is mostly "business", I'm hoping it'll be a little relaxing and we'll get a bit of fun time too. We were hoping to be able to take a "fun" trip while my parents were here this time. A getaway for some couple time. It's been way too long since we've done that. Well, timing worked out such that we have family here to keep the kids while we go try and get some of this relocation "business" taken care of without dragging two little ones all over the country. So this is our getaway. Fun, fun!
Oh well, maybe next time...


Also, those of you LOST fans on the west coast this evening.....
great episode tonight!!!

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