Monday, April 09, 2007

Our Easter story

Alrighty... here you go. A whole heap of pictures for you Grammas and Grampas and Aunts and Uncles. And other anonymous or not so anonymous stalkers LOL!
Remember, you should always be able to click on any pictures to see a full sized image. You might not want to look so closely at these though... I was just not paying attention to the camera and snapping away hurriedly most of the time. Some are dark and grainy, some are blown out with too much sun, many are just plain blurry. So look past all that and just enjoy the kids!

The Easter Bunny left a trail of jellybeans for the kids from their beds all the way to their Easter baskets. Savannah was surprised and excited, and Sawyer just hit the floor on his knees and got right to the job of following the trail, picking up the jellybeans. It was pretty cute!

Can you tell my kids don't get candy very often? Look how excited she gets about finding three Hershey's kisses!

Sawyer found a new love...

And here's a little egg hunting from the afternoon...

We took Ryan's parents to church with us, had a nice relaxing afternoon of playing games, and then a great big ham dinner. It was so nice to have family here for a holiday!!
We tried to take a family picture, and they actually would have turned out real nice, except that once again I wasn't paying attention to my camera settings and they are all almost way too dark. Hopefully Ryan's mom got a good one or two on her *film* camera. Can you imagine... we have to wait to get those developed to see them (!). People still do that?!? LOL!

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