Thursday, April 05, 2007

Hail and Frogs and Boils, Oh My!

So we're on a search for The Wizard of Oz. While we were on our road trip, Savannah acquired both a little Dorothy and Cowardly Lion doll from Happy Meals. She *loves* Dorothy with her "gorgeous blue dress" and her sparkly red shoes. I was telling her that these dolls were from a movie; she was quite intrigued, and now she will not let me forget that she wants to see it. I'm afraid she'll find it a little scary with the witch and the flying monkeys and all, but I told her we'll watch it together. Problem is, I can't find it anywhere. We don't own it and the video stores all only have one copy which is always out. Hmmm... maybe I should try the library.

With Easter coming up this week, I of course was perusing the Easter goodies at the grocery store this week. Well I came across these finger puppets that Ryan and I actually saw awhile ago and I meant to share them with you all, but I ended up forgetting all about them. Apparently Kroger decided to "resurrect" (haha, I'm so punny!) them for the Passover season... take a look at these. Yeah, that's right. Every child needs the Ten Plagues Finger Puppets. HAHA! Can you believe these?!? Here you go Jimmy, you can be BLOOD... and Janie, you can be LICE! Now let's act out the story of all this death and misery!! Can you just imagine?! Personally, I don't treasure the thought of my little ones playing with blood on their hands (okay, I'll quit with the jokes now. I'm starting to sound like Ryan).

The kids are enjoying their time with their Gramma and Grandpa Sanders here. I must admit I'm enjoying their time with their grandparents too... I got to take a uninterrupted shower this morning, I ran to the grocery store completely solo, and now I even got a chance to do a little blogging mid-afternoon without jumping up to separate the kids every two minutes. Ryan came home super early from work today to hang out with everyone; that was a nice surprise. Ryan's also is taking the day off tomorrow so hopefully we'll come up with some fun stuff to do this weekend. We were tentatively planning on going to the Detroit Zoo on Saturday for their Easter hunt and stuff, but now with the snow and freezing temperatures I'm not sure about that one.

I'm off to make some dinner. Curried Butternut Soup tonight. Hot soup on a cold spring day (or is it winter? I forget.).


K.M. Laughlin said...

I am so glad that things are going well! I miss you! :) Sorry that it snowed too...we are a bit chilly down here in MO though if it makes you feel any better. I am so glad that the weekend is almost here! Happy Easter!

Mom said...

Those puppets are just plain Gross! I will check and see if we have Oz on tape. I STILL think it is scarey. I used to have nitemares about those monkeys!!! Hope it does warm up enough for you guys to have an egg hunt,we are finally getting sunshine & very warm weather here.Feels really good.XOXO

Nicole said...

eBay has the Wizard of Oz. And I am sure does too.

Those finger puppets are crazy! Yuck.

If you guys go to the zoo we should meet up! I think (if we do go) we were planning on being there right at the beginning cause it gets CRAZY...the lines are horribly long... like waiting 20 minutes or more long.