Sunday, April 08, 2007

Hope you like dying Easter Eggs...

... cuz I've got LOTS of pictures for you!

So this is the first year Savannah really "gets" all the holiday preparation stuff and can actually do everything herself. So fun! She was super excited to decorate Easter eggs. We had a great time spending the afternoon coloring eggs.

Sawyer just woke up from a nap...
He finally warmed up and got into it...
and just wanted to play with all the "balls"!
"You're tell me not to bang the "ball" on the table?
So what happens if I bonk it on my head?"
Woah! Look what that did! I broke the "ball"!!

Happy Easter everyone... I hope you each have a blessed day celebrating the miracle of our Savior and all the Lord has given us in His perfect plan of salvation.
And have fun finding Easter eggs and eating chocolate bunnies :)

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mom,gramma g said...

Happy Easter Morrisons!You guys sure did make a bunch of pretty eggs.I dyed a few myself. We had no egg hunts or chocolate bunnies.(peeps,yes)But we got to sing with the Sunday school kids about God's plan of Salvation. Hallelujah! Missed you and thought of you often.XOXOXOX