Saturday, April 07, 2007

toddler kisses

I know I promised Easter egg pictures, and I have those... we'll get to them in a minute.
First I had some cute ones from this evening when the Huffs joined us for dinner. They aren't the best pictures... some are quite blurry. But they made me laugh.

Why is it that toddlers love kisses so much?
And why is it that they are so bad at it? I mean really... they open their mouths as wide as they can (where do they learn that anyway??) and they never hit their intended target. I guess they probably don't even have a specific intended target... they just aim for the head?

Anyway, here are Sawyer and Donnie smooching. Er... trying to kiss each other that is.

Sawyer goes in for a kiss... and never makes it all the way there.

Donnie goes in and gets a mouthful of shoulder...

Sawyer tries again... not sure where he was headed.

They actually went back and forth like this for awhile!


Their faces actually touched!!
I think this counts.

And then they giggle about it...

And SJ got herself a little action too...


K.M. Laughlin said...

SO CUTE!!!! Happy Easter!

Gramma G said...

The boys kinda look more like little puppies with their mouths open like that.Moses does that when he plays with his pal Murphy at the dog park.Silly boys!