Sunday, April 01, 2007

good grief

So while we were on our trip, I just finally got both the kids their Easter outfits. I think I was inspired by the beautiful green and flowery spring in St. Louis. We decided on this with this for Savannah and this for Sawyer. Very fresh and light and springy. Very "Eastery", no?

And now you wanna know what the forecast is for Easter Sunday?

Like I said; good grief.


Leslie said...

The outfits are very cute. Hope you guys had in St. Louis. Talk to you soon.

Mom said...

I am sure the kids will look super cute! Maybe the forecast will be wrong. Or it could be snowy AND sunny.Are you getting anything new?

kimca01 said...

OMG, we got Morgan's the same shirt for Easter! LMAO That is so funny! From TCP too. It will be so cute to see pics of them both in it!!