Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Dr. Mom

Okay, so we all know one of the many hats worn by a mom is nurse, right? Well, I'm taking that a step further and putting on my doctor hat today. Err- maybe that would be putting the stethoscope around my neck cuz I guess doctors don't ever wear hats.

Remember Sawyer had that fever? I never did take his temp., but he was pretty hot without any ibuprofen in his system. That went on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Then Monday it seemed the fever finally was gone for good, but by that evening his chest, tummy, back and neck were covered in a tiny bumpy red rash. I probably wouldn't have thought much of it, what with all this kid's skin problems anyway. But I noticed it right away because his skin has actually been totally cleared up lately. I at first chalked it up to heat rash. Sawyer's skin is so sensitive that if he gets too worked up or warm he breaks out in heat rash all over his torso. But then when he woke up Tuesday it was all the way up to his forehead. The face is not a normal place for a heat rash. He was almost completely covered. So I'm diagnosing him with Roseola. If I remember correctly from all my days as a preschool teacher, I saw it quite often in my two year old class. Three days of fever followed by the same textbook red non-itchy rash for anywhere from one to three days. No treatment, no worries, just let it ride. So that's what I'm doing.
I'm not even calling the pediatrician (does that make me a bad mom?), just still keeping an extra eye on it all. He's in much better spirits since his fever's been gone.

Savannah's been saying some funny little things lately. I just realized yesterday (shows how closely I pay attention to my daughter I guess) that when she says the word dolphin she says dolophant. Apparently the dolphin is related to the elephant. HAHA!

It's snowing again today. (The latest forecast said there's still a possibility of snow showers all the way thru Sunday. I would have never imagined Savannah would have a snowy birthday. Enough already!!) Anyway, Savannah saw the snow and asked (for the millionth time) why it's snowing in the spring. I told her Michigan was a little mixed up about the seasons this year. She said, "It's mixed up? Maybe it shouldn't be called Michigan... maybe it's name should be Mix-agin."

Speaking of mixed up, they called a two hour delay for school yesterday. For what, no one has any idea. It was pretty foggy and a bit frosty, but the roads were bare and dry and I have no idea what was so dangerous about that. I would have thought if they called a delay at all this week it might be today. It's much slushier with that yucky mix of rain and sleet and snow. Ryan just called and he's not to work yet... he said the roads are not good.
Anyway, the two hour delay yesterday meant Savannah's morning preschool was cancelled. After last week's spring break, she was crushed not to be able to go to school again yesterday. Especially since her gramma and grandpa were going to go and help in her class yesterday. She was very sad about that. So it was a really good thing that we had her friend birthday party planned for yesterday, so she still had something to look forward to. The Birthday Party! I thought it went really well and turned out super cute if I do say so myself! I need to finish editing pics from yesterday and I'll get some on here to show and tell. I tried last night, but I was just too exhausted when we got back from the airport. Ryan and I were in bed at 8 o'clock, can you believe that?! We went through a few pictures on the laptop, watched a catch-up episode of LOST on the laptop, and then played a few games of Idiot, and were asleep by 9:30 I think. And I still had a hard time getting up this morning, some 9 hours later.

Okay, I'm off to actually pay attention to my kids and maybe get some pictures edited and uploaded sometime soon. Happy Wednesday!


leslie said...

Glad to hear Sawyer is feeling better. Maybe we will see you soon. :)

Mom said...

Hopefully the Roseola"outbreak" is all in the past and he is his old silly self. Have you started that book of SJ quotes yet? :)