Wednesday, March 28, 2007

and we're off...

Nothing like getting a family of four out the door for a last minute trip.
You wanna know what it entails?
In the last 24 hours we...
got the approval from the relo people to take our pre-decision trip
planned the trip (rental car, hotels, contacted realtor, planned dinner with friends)
compiled a list of houses and areas to look at with the realtor )too many houses to choose from!)
did two loads of laundry (so we had clean clothes to pack)
packed (clothes, snacks, toys, everything but the kitchen sink)
made, addressed and sent out SJ's birthday party invitations (I really couldn't wait and do them next week)
had the cable guys at our house rewiring our basement (hopefully we're back to reliable internet service)
cleaned the house (people are coming over for game night Saturday... timed closely with our return home)

oh, and don't forget we had our third child with us all morning (Wednesday is a Porter day as Savannah would say)

Then we picked up the rental car and drove four hours to Indianapolis. We decided to split up the drive to St. Louis and stop here for the night. Dinner at Chick-Fil-A, of course. Our hotel is connected to the Circle Center Mall here in Indy, so we ate at the food court and did a little shopping. Got Savannah an Easter dress. Maybe. I mean we bought it, but I'm still going to check Target and Old Navy. She likes this one though. Then we came back to the hotel for a quick swim. The kids loved it, but it was quite late, so we weren't down there long. And now we're holed up in our room with a couple of sleeping kids. I think we're going to make the best of the situation and go to sleep early.

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Mom,grammag said...

Thanks for keeping us posted.Have a fun & safe mini vacation you guys! Hope the weather is pleasant,and everything goes well. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX