Thursday, November 30, 2006

It's like an autograph on my blog

Did anyone notice...
Rachel Coleman, the Signing Time lady herself, commented on my Savannah's Signing post!
Someone famous actually read my blog.
And left nice, positive comments on it.
Okay, so she's not famous as in can't walk down the street without being recognized and mobbed famous... I guess the average person on the street would say "Rachel Who?!?"... but still- I'll consider her famous. And okay, I know it's not like she's just reading my blog because she finds it enthralling... I understand that she only came across it checking on the links to her site... but still- it was nice of her to comment for me.
I just found that exciting and thought I'd share. See, you all don't comment enough. Getting a comment from a stranger makes my day! Maybe some of you regular "silent" readers should give it a try!


Nicole said...

Here's my comment! LOL. I know what you mean about loving comments. It reassures you that you're not just writing for the hell of it. People are actually reading it LOL. I get lazy about posting comments, but then I still expect people to comment on my blog. However, I've noticed the only people that really comment on my blog are people who have blogs... most of my friends/family "in real life" rarely, if ever, comment. PHOOEY!

Oh, yeah, btw... so cool that you got a comment from Rachel! YAY!

Mom,Gramma G said...

I am impressed that Rachel commented on your blog!!!Wish we could watch her show here.I need to see it more than once to catch on,I remember thinking that they move(sign)too fast for me.HA HA Where do you purchase the signing videos?If your getting Savannah one,I'd like to get a different one. We all know that Savannah is a little sponge that soaks up knowledge any way she can. We are all very proud of her.I still get a kick out of her "made up" signs.She is so creative.Like her mom...