Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The SawMan's stats

In better news,
Sawyer had his one year check-up yesterday and he's lookin' good!
He weighs 25 and a half pounds and he's 30 inches tall. (he's officially moved down to just the 75th percentile for both height and weight now. Whew... I thought at the rate he was going for a while that he would pass up Savannah by the time he was two. As it is, my 12 month old and my 3-and-a-half year old get the same amount in a dose of Tylenol now!)

The doctor said he's seems to be doing great, he's ahead of the game in activity and motor skills, but he's lagging a little in the vocab. She obviously wasn't that concerned; I know boys tend to speak later than girls, and when they're learning new things like walking (or running now, in Sawyer's case), talking tends to take a backseat.
She did ask more than a few times though, "he's not saying anything?... He doesn't have his own words or sounds for things?... He doesn't even have his own name for his Sister or anything?"
And so I repeated myself a few times... "He barks. That's about it. He made a sound for "icky" a few months ago and he doesn't say that anymore. He said "da da" for about two days. No more of that either. He won't say ma ma, won't say dog, won't say hi, won't say anything close to Savannah. And he's not interested in copying words we say." He uses signs for food, drink, more, all done, bath, book, and that's all he needs to tell us I guess.
And she kept asking, "it seems like he hears well?"
Yes, he understands everything, he can follow simple directions (when he wants to), I think he can hear fine. Seriously, it seemed like I was the one to reassure her... "He just turned one three days ago. He's running around the house, playing with his sister, throwing tantrums here and there, and learning a million new things a day. If he wants to wait a few more months to talk, I'm fine with that. He's a busy guy!"
Did I mention I'm still not sure I love our new pediatrician? I just don't have quite the same confidence in her I had with our ped. back home. Yet.

Anyway, he got three shots yesterday. He didn't cry too much, but he sure gave the nurse a mean glare when she said goodbye! haha!!
And we got a new presciption for a stronger hydrocortizone for his bad skin spots. I was hoping he'd start growing out of the eczema by now, but it seems to be worse. Maybe it's the weather too.

Well, that's the update on the SawMan.
I gotta go wake him up from his nap and go pick up Savannah.

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Gramma G said...

Way to go at the doctor little Sawman!He has finally slowed down on the growth chart,but is making up for it in activity!!We all know how smart the little stinker is,he'll talk when he has good reason to.Grammpa lost 4 lbs,must be all the wrestling you guys did!!!(or maybe the raking :)Hope the rest of this day is a blessing to you all!!! Love Gramma G