Thursday, November 09, 2006

Chaper One: In which Savannah saves my life

Okay, I have totally random things on my mind today, so I'm actually breaking it up into chapters.

And I'm counting backwards so when they're posted they're actually numbered in order so as not to confuse everyone. Is that confusing?


Savannah saved my life today. Wanna take a look at the BIGGEST SPIDER I’VE EVER SEEN? IN! MY! LIFE!

Seriously if, Savannah had not found this, and warned me of it, I would have FREAKED out; maybe died of a heart attack or something. It was resting nicely (or hiding!) on the backside of my seat belt this morning. Luckily, Savannah noticed it while climbing into her seat behind the driver’s seat, before I pulled my seatbelt on. “Mommy, WHAT is THAT?!?”

I tried to get a good picture, but I don’t think it actually conveys the intimidation of this thing. (I was mighty nervous taking it out of the container I caught it in to take this pic!!)
It has legs like a tarantula- really that hairy! And it’s body is so big and bumpy. I think I’ve seen crabs on the beach with smaller backs. That’s what it looks like… a small crab with hairy tarantula legs. Could you imagine pulling your seatbelt on and catching that in your hand or having it land on your lap, or worse yet, on your shoulder or *gulp* fall down your shirt?!? that would have been my luck, I'm sure!


Mom said...

Yeah Savannah! Heather saves Sawyer from certain injury when falling on Tuesday,then Savannah saves Mom on Thursday.What an exciting life you lead Heather!I'm sure glad you are all looking out for each other!XOX

nicole said...

We have those spiders ALL the time. At least once a week we see huge ones like that in our HOUSE. Sick, huh?