Monday, November 27, 2006

Quick update on the sick baby...

Okay, I really mean for this to be quick because I have a million things I want to get done today while Sawyer's napping. So bear with me if it seems I'm jumping around a bit.

Saturday was Sawyer's worst day. His temp was up to 102.5 at one point and he basically slept all day. I counted and he was awake a total of not even 5 hours that day. Poor little guy. We gave him one last dose of Ibuprofen when we went to bed late that night.
When he woke up Sunday morning, (he was awake super early and I finally went in to get him up at 6am knowing he had to be all slept out) and when I picked him up out of his crib, he practically pushed himself out of my arms and jumped down to the floor. He RAN (albeit drunkenly and off balance as he didn't take the time to really wake up and get steady on his feet- I was so surprised he didn't slam into a wall along the way) down the hall, through the kitchen and right up to his high chair. Apparently he had his appetite back!
Anyway, his fever was gone, and he was completely back to his old self. We skipped church, just to play it safe, but he spent the morning playing and running around like he had never been sick.
He was doing so well, in fact, that we decided to venture out and take a little shopping trip to the outlets in Howell. I needed to return a couple of things to a couple of outlet stores from my trip last week, so we headed out there at lunchtime and we actually got a ton accomplished! They had awesome sales going on... most of the stores we went in had at least 50% off the entire store. Ryan got some new jeans, I got Savannah's shoes exchanged and found her a Christmas dress for $11 *yay!!*, we grabbed this Milk and Cookies for Santa plate from Bombay Company (for less than it's listed there for) and we got quite a few more Christmas presents taken care of. The kids did great, we stopped and got milkshakes and snacks and then the kids napped all the way home.

But then...
after we got home and started getting dinner ready, Sawyer was getting fussy again and I noticed his eyes were getting that sick glazy look again. I felt his head, and sure enough, he was feverish again. We gave him drugs, a little dinner, a nice bath and he headed straight for bed. Ryan checked him in the middle of the night and said he felt fine. But Sawyer was awake at about 5 this morning, and when I went in to rock him for a bit, he was burning up again. He then slept in this morning till about 8:30, and he felt alot cooler. He's still been warm today, but he's had a normal appetite and been playing pretty well. Napping some long naps again though.
So we'll see how the rest of his day goes. I hope he's able to shake this off and keep it off. And I hope none of the rest of us come down with it.


I had called Nic to update her on Sawyer's fever this morning, so she took Porter to her mom's today. While my sick baby took another marathon nap this morning, I got lots done! (I also tried to get Savannah to play outside, the weather is so beautiful, but she was glued to her favorite show this morning *more on that later*.)
  • I washed and put away a load of dishes
  • Cleaned up the kitchen
  • Cleared out the back entryway (I don't know how that space gets so cluttered!)
  • Picked out photos for part of some Christmas gifts
  • Cleared out the flowerbeds on the side of the house, raked out all the dead leaves and pulled out the flowers
  • Raked up all that stuff and the side yard by the driveway
  • Raked up the remaining random leaves in the front yard
  • Took a shower and dried my hair
  • Finally hung the frame collage that's been sitting on our sideboard table for four months
  • Started getting out some more Christmas decorations
I have so many lists started of things to get done in the next couple weeks. As Ryan always says, I have lists of my lists.
I'm really trying to keep the house cleaned up and cleared away so we can pull all the Christmas decorations out next weekend and get our tree and try to keep the chaos to a minimum. And I'm trying to get our Christmas cards done and sent out this week, and all our gifts to ship wrapped and sent by next week. As far as the Christmas cards go, I'm making so many other gifts this year, it doesn't look like I'll be doing my usual handmade cards I love to do. To do that I should have started them in October this year. I just have too much other stuff going on and not enough creativity left over. So forgive me if you get store bought card this year... maybe if you're lucky you'll get a picture of the kids at least.

Alright, I'm off to work on some projects. And to find Savannah a project to do while I work.

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Mom said...

WHEW...You made me tired just reading the blog.Wish I had some of that energy.I gave up on Christmas cards years ago.Keep us posted on Sawyers condition.XOX