Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Are we sure today isn't Monday???

No, it really is Tuesday... it's just that everything in the universe seems to be telling me to climb right back in bed and don't come out till this day is over.

I woke up feeling pretty crappy. All day yesterday I felt super tired and sluggish- I found myself dozing off twice during the day on the couch while either reading with or watching tv with Savannah. That is very odd for me! So by the evening I started feeling kind of achey and my head had that "full" pounding sick feeling. I took some Cold-eez and I was in bed by 8:45, hoping I could just sleep it off.
Well, today I'm still not really full blown sick, but I can't shake the feeling that I'm trying to fight something off. Just feel crappy, you know?

Then while getting Savannah ready for school this morning, I slowly realized that I lost $50.
I had left a fifty dollar bill on the end of the kitchen counter yesterday. It sat there all day it plain sight so I wouldn't forget to put it in my purse, which was out in the car. This morning I went to put it with a stack of things I was taking out to the car, and it was no where to be found. I assumed Ryan must have grabbed it to deposit or just to keep it in his wallet. I called to ask him and he had no idea... he didn't remember seeing it at all.
I searched the kitchen, scanned the floor, and scoped out the back patio and the garage floor thinking maybe Ryan had set down his lunch on it this morning and it got picked up by accident but dropped on the way to his car. No money to be found.
I even checked Savannah's piggy bank thinking maybe she had mistaken it for one of her fives she had recently recieved in the mail with Halloween cards.
Looks like I may be out fifty bucks. That is SO maddening!!

So we head out to take Savannah to preschool and after opening the garage door (Savannah always likes to walk in the big door), and opening her car door so she can climb in, I walk around the back of the 4Runner to put Sawyer in on the other side. I don't know if I tripped or if I slipped (I kind of remember slipping; the garage floor tends to be pretty slippery with wet shoes... oh yeah, did I mention it is POURING DOWN RAIN?!?), but all of a sudden everything is moving in slow motion and I'm falling forward. It's funny how in situations like that, everything really does move in slow motion... like you know how it's going to turn out and you're stuck waiting for it to happen. In that split second before you land, you know how much it's going to hurt.
I was carrying Sawyer, so as I was falling in slow motion I was trying to figure out how to best fall to protect him. As it was, he was headed straight for the concrete in front of me, and I actually remember thinking during the five minutes it felt like it took to hit the ground, that at least Sawyer had his hood on so maybe his head wouldn't actually crack open when it hits the driveway. I did the best I could to turn while flying through the air (by they way, not so easy to manuever yourself and an almost 30lb baby in mid-air). We landed on our sides, halfway out of the garage, and halfway into a huge puddle. Sawyer was relatively unscathed; he cried, but from what I could tell it just scared him. Scared me too!!! And we were both soaked. My right hand was under his head when we landed, and that is actually where the worst of my injuries are. I have a nice bit of "road rash" covering the back of my wrist, and it's pretty swollen. I can feel bruises forming on my elbow and hip and the side of my ankle is scraped too. I got up as quick as I could and looked down at my whole right side that had been laying in the puddle. I had to run back inside (limpily run, that is) and change my clothes and Sawyer's pants because there was no way we could ride in the car like that. Needless to say, we were a little late for school.

I was planning on running a couple of errands after dropping Savannah off, but my scraped up wrist was burning so badly, I just wanted to go home (after all, I didn't have my $50 to spend anyway, right?). I decided to just make a quick stop at Walmart because we were out of milk and I could just grab a couple of other things. I went in there for 5 things. They were out of three of my five things.

How does this all happen in one morning?!?
It's only 9:30 AM!!!
I'm sore, and sick, and tired of this day already.
I'm gonna go take a nap.

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Mom said...

Sounds like you skipped Monday only to make Tuesday worse!! I feel for you.I am glad your injuries are minor and that you will probably recover. We will keep you in our prayers.(and for the missing $) Hopefully the nap helped.Sun night we arrived home to PDX fine ,but Max was delayed slightly in route.So we missed our bus connection,which only runs once an hour on Sunday,it was pouring down rain of course and has been since.Very windy but warm.It is supposed to let up sometime this morning.( Boy do we have leaves down now!!!) Our visit in Mich.went way too fast.I miss all the chatter(and hugs) and activity(and kisses) already.XOXO Mom