Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Another sunny day, another busy day

Sawyer's doing much better today. He was kind of off and on all day yesterday, but I think he's back to normal today.

I am feeling quite organized and effecient still today. I really don't know where this is coming from, but I'm going with it. I got so much done yesterday. I think Ryan probably came home and thought otherwise, because at that point the house looked a little more like a tornado hit than the clean slate I'm aiming for this week. But I did technically get a lot done and on it's way. You know how sometimes it seems you have to take a step backward before you can move ahead? That was kind of our house by the time Ryan got home last night.
I got quite a bit accomplished this morning after dropping Savannah off at school, too. I'm wondering if this weather just has me energized a little and subconsiously I want to get some of this stuff done and out of the way before the weather turns gloomy and cold or wet or snowy, because I know when that happens I'll just want to bundle up and stay in and veg out with a book or the tv or my projects.

I decided I'm going to share parts of my to-do list here (slightly edited so as not to give away any Christmas surprises for anyone) so that I have more of a reason to break it down into daily goals and be a little more motivated to get things done at a good pace. So here's my list for the day...

>get some laundry started
>clean up the kitchen (yes, again... did I mention I HATE dishes and laundry because of the fact that there is always more to do... even when you get all the laundry washed and put away, there's the clothes you're wearing right then, already ready to start the new laundry pile!!!)
>clean up and reorganize the kids' playroom, weeding out some toys to give away
>pack away the fall decorations
>work on gift projects (11 out of 14 left to do)
>decide what we're doing for, and order pictures for Christmas cards
>maybe write out a mini-letter to add to our Christmas cards

I also definitely want to spend a big chunk of playtime outside today with the kids after naps. Whether we take a walk or just play in the yard, it is so nice and warm out today, we just have to get out. Maybe we'll even venture to the park. It's been awhile since we've visited any parks.

Hope you're enjoying your day, with whatever weather you find where you are!


Mom said...

It's COLD here. The sun is supposed to appear today. But I think we are in for a cold spell. Looks like your winter weather is due Dec.1st. So glad Sawyer is much better.The fresh air and sunshine will be good for him.Keep up the good work. There is nothing wrong with lists. Maybe Ryan needs a "honey do" one himself. HAHA

Leslie said...

Heather, Glad to hear that you got a lot accomplished. I worked today and tonight Jade and I are going to dinner for his sisters birthday. Let's get together soon.