Saturday, November 04, 2006

Another day of Birthday

Today we had a birthday party for Sawyer with his little buddies.

Kid parties just don't seem very "kiddie" without a theme, so without being too babyish or cheesy, the only theme I could come up with was puppies. Sawyer just loves dogs right now (technically he seems to love all animals, it's just that he thinks they're all classified as dogs. If it has four legs, he barks at it.) so I ran with that theme. We decorated with all the stuffed animal dogs and puppies we could find in our house, I put out a toybox filled with balls and chewy toys, our snacks included "puppy chow", pretzel "sticks", Combo snacks (cuz they just look like dog treats), and we even made little doghouses for the boys to crawl in. Savannah helped decorate them and made the "name tags".

I think the doghouses were a hit. Here's the final product and the little "puppies" playing in their houses...

That's Porter, by the way, in Donnie's doghouse. Don't let him fool you. It's hard to keep those puppies straight, I know.

And of course more birthday cake

Yes, Sawyer's an old pro at the cake thing now. Sorry for the horrendous red-eye in these pics. I didn't take the time to edit these at all, I just wanted to get them up and go to bed.

Doesn't Sawyer look cake drunk in this one?


Annie said...

You're so creative Heather! What a fun 1st birthday. Enjoy your weekend.

Jenn Sanders said...

That is such a great idea!! The doggie houses look great! Looks like the boys had fun being puppies, and Savannah did such a good job decorating! Love you all!