Saturday, November 25, 2006

Sick Baby

Sawyer woke up with a fever this morning. He felt warm to me when I got him out of bed at 7:30 this morning, and then while he usually wants to be taken straight to his high chair for breakfast, I sat down on the couch with him to look out the window for a minute and he snuggled down on my lap and didn't want to move. That is so unlike him, I knew he must not be feeling very well. When Ryan rolled out of bed at 8, Sawyer was still sitting with me on the couch, both of us cuddled up under a blanket. He got me the thermometer, and Sawyer's temp read just 100.5, and normally I wouldn't give him meds for a mild temp like that... I kind of like to see where it goes on it's own. But this morning it seemed he was getting warmer by the minute and his eyes definitely had the sick fever look. Poor little guy. He wasn't even hungry. We gave him some ibuprofen and got a little bit of oatmeal down him, and he was back in bed by about 8:30.
He woke up at 10:30 in much better spirits. He actually ran around and played a bit with Savannah and banged on the snack cupboard for something to eat. But he didn't last long, and after a quick lunch, he was back in for another nap before noon. It's now 3:15 and he's still asleep. I want to go in and check on him, because I know his ibuprofen has worn off by now and I don't want him burning up in there, but his bedroom door is squeeky and I don't want to wake him either. So I'll give him a little longer.
I figured if I sat down to blog, he'd for sure wake up. Isn't that how it always works? But no sign of him stirring yet.

I went back to Target today and had a much better trip after yesterday. I got two pairs of jeans for $16 each. In a smaller size than the last pair I bought... two reasons I'm excited about that purchase! I also got a couple of Christmas presents for Savannah.
I'm so excited for Christmas! It'll sure be different this year with out our families around. We really wanted to spend our first Christmas in our house, here at home, so we told our families we wanted to spend the holidays here, and since we have so much room, we invited all of them to come out here to spend Christmas with us. No takers.
So it's just going to be the four of us. Which will be fun, it'll just be very different. I was thinking outloud the other day what should we have for Christmas dinner, and we realized we can have whatever we want! We can do everything however we want! It's all up to us. I wish some of our family could be here to share in some of our making of new traditions and memories, but it'll just be our own little family thing this year. So I'm kind of looking forward to it.

We spent the last hour or so outside hanging Christmas lights on our house. I can't wait till it gets dark today to see how it looks! I'll try and take a picture later. We just put up boring white lights. We started out with both red and white and we were going to pull out every other and alternate them, but it turned out the red strands actually have red bulbs, not just red covers. And they're LED's, so you can't switch out the bulbs. So Ryan ran the red ones back to the store this morning and got all white. And we got a couple strands of twinkling snowflakes I think we're going to hang on the garage. We have yet to decide on those. Ryan's still envisioning them in our front window. My opinion is, you will be able to see our Christmas tree in the front window, so we should put the lights on the garage. Ryan may be leaning towards the garage now though, after doing the house lights because it was so quick and easy. He found these no ladder gutter/shingle clips that you can put up using a threaded-end pole so it was super easy and fast. You just stick the clip on the end of your pole, put the light strand through the clip, and reach the pole up, clip it on and twist it off. He was so impressed with them, he may just want to do another little building now!

Well, I'm gonna go check on the sick baby. This is going into his sixth hour of napping today. I know he probably just needs the sleep, but I'm getting worried about him. And I hope he still sleeps tonight!!!


Mom said...

So sorry to hear Sawyer is sick.Hopefully by now he is feeling better.Will keep him in our prayers. Savannah told me it is not Christmas at your house yet.And they are winter lights that daddy put up. Grampa is working on our lights now . While it is sunny and dry.(BUT COLD)This the wettest on record. I am looking forward to Christmas too,but it will seem really weird not to have 2 birthdays to celebrate around here!!! I better go upstairs and make sure Grampa is ok up on the roof. Wish we had an easier way to put our lights on.He's cleaning the gutters again too.So it's a BIG job.Love to all XOXOXOXxoxoxoxxoxooxoxoxXOXOXOXxoxo

Annie said...

Poor little Sawyer. I hope for everybody's sake he's feeling much better soon. I'm glad you had a good Thanksgiving with friends...maybe you should consider the Thnaksgiving menu for Christmas so you can eat more in the comfort of your own home...on the other hand it isn't too late to buy tickets to Oregon for the holidays!...Maybe New Years?...Valentines? Anyway, I'm excited to see pics of your house all Christmasy. When are you getting the tree? We just got back from Sunnyside, WA (Kev's parent's house) this evening. It was really nice but I'm kinda glad to be home and anxious to get our house in order and then painted, etc. love you guys!