Tuesday, November 21, 2006

It's finally found

We have a pig who lives in our bedroom on our dresser. Normally we feed him quarters. We pop him a few every week and he saves them up for us... supposed to be for our Australia trip. Or whatever we decide to do with it.
Well, it seems somewhere along the line, he has strayed from his usual diet of quarters and he pigged out on a whole fifty dollar bill...

Our little piggy sometimes loses his "noseplug" when the weather changes or the temperature in our bedroom changes quite a bit. The cork just randomly pops out and we can see straight through his nose into his full belly. Well, this morning, as he was bending down to get some socks out of the bottom drawer of our dresser to get dressed for work, Ryan noticed the pig was missing his nose. And as he looked in the gaping hole in the front of our pig, he realized there was more than quarters in there. He pulled out a fifty dollar bill.
Now, when I lost my money a couple of weeks ago, both Ryan and I asked Savannah several times if she had found some money and put it away in her purse or her piggy bank or somewhere safe. She had answered many times that she hadn't had any money and really acted like she had no idea what we were talking about. I had seriously doubted that she would have noticed the money lying on the counter, as she can barely see over the countertop. I had wondered if it had gotten knocked or blown off onto the floor, and Ryan and I had checked both the kids piggy banks in case Savannah had found it and thought it belonged in one of their banks. But we didn't even think to check our own piggy bank. Evidently Savannah had forgotten that she had found and put that money away for us. Or else that fat little piggy got up and helped himself to a little extra moola while we weren't looking.


a few SJ quotes for you:

"Jesus makes me toot a lot."

"What is Grampa doing in the world?"
and later,
"Where were you Lammie, in the world?"
(meaning to use the expression 'where in the world' or 'what in the world',
as in "what in the world is Grampa doing?")

and noticing a blank "this book belongs to..." space in the front of one of the books she was reading, she exclaims, very worriedly,
"God forgot to tell Jesus to write my name in this book.
I know He knows that it's mine, but He forgot to write my name.
Can we pray and ask Him to remember to write my name in all my books?


Mom ,Gramma G... said...

HALELUJAH!!! Or something like that. That funny looking pig of yours had the $50. God is SOOO GOOOD!!!! I loved hearing Savannahs funny little prayer requests at bedtime. She is so serious about it.Afterall,nothing is impossible for God. The SJ quotes made me laugh AND cry. Miss you guys lots allready!!Hugs to all.

Christy said...

that's a great story. What an honest kiddo. That is a cute pig by the way!


Nic said...

Oh my word I'm soooo glad you found that money! Whew! Thank goodness.

I love the SJ quotes. She's so funny.