Sunday, November 05, 2006

And they're off...

Well, the family is all off on their way home this afternoon. Mom and Dad flew out today and Trish decided to get a hotel room by the airport in Detriot since she flies out early tomorrow. I think it was a pretty good visit, although it seems like it went faster than I expected. Probably cuz we had a ton going on; between our trip to Nashville, Halloween, birthday stuff and just the fact of planning and preparing meals for a family of 7 instead of our usual 4... it's kind of nice to have all the busy-ness over with. And have our house back to ourselves. But we'll miss 'em of course... especially the kids. They had a blast with gramma and grandpa here!!!

So thanks for coming to visit us Mom, Dad and Trish... it was good to spend so much time with you! Gramma and Grandpa, Thanks for your special weekend with Savannah, thanks for the early Christmas presents, thanks for the bed time rocking and reading and prayers, thanks for the dissapearing leaves, and most of all, thanks for being our family and still loving us even after living in our crazy house for two whole weeks!

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