Thursday, November 09, 2006

One extra note...

Nicole has a few really funny pictures of Sawyer, Porter and Donnie up on her blog right now. It seems lately if we ever try to actually put them together and take a picture of the three of those crazy babies, they all TOTALLY MELT DOWN! Don't know what their deal is... Some kind of pact they have I guess... 'when they sit us down and and say smile, THROW A FIT!!!'
In those pictures, Sawyer's either crying or red-faced and refusing to sit, Porter's flat out screaming, and Donnie for once, was laughing at the other two.
Oh what perfect angels we have!

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Mom,Gramma G said...

It was pretty funny watching those 3 little "puppies". Monkeys is more like it!!!They just don't like to pose for pictures. They want the "natural" look.