Wednesday, November 01, 2006


... for the moment, at least.
My sister Trish is flying in today and my parents are on thier way to Detriot to pick her up.
Oh, and did I mention they took both the kids with them? So I am sitting here alone in an empty, silent, childless house. I'm not sure that's happened since we moved out here. I am in heaven. Don't get me wrong, I love my kids as much as any mother can, and I wouldn't trade them for the world (most days), but it is incredible the things you can get done when you spend a morning by yourself without them talking, playing, messing, whining, napping, laughing, and eating here in the house.
I admit I was very fortunate back home with all our family around and available to take the kids off our hands every once in awhile. Whether it was babysitting while we went to our community group, or while we went out on a date (I feel like I barely remember that!), or just a gramma wanting a grandchild or two (okay, that really was rare... Sawyer was just little) for an overnite guest or a weekend away... we were definitely spoiled!
We moved here and were slapped in the face with the reality of paying a babysitter! And on our budget, it has to be a pretty important night to tack on another $20-$40 dip our "entertainment" budget. Let's face it- we don't even really have "entertainment" in our budget. Needless to say, we've only hired a babysitter once since we moved here last May.
But it's not even about dates, or going out without the kids... our kids both go to bed early, so we have plenty of couple time in the evenings without them.
What I really miss is the ME time. ALONE. IN AN EMPTY HOUSE. I really do best with some alone time to do whatever it is I want to do. I remember having whole days to myself when my mom would have Savannah for a night or two... and I could get small projects done around the house, do laundry or clean out a closet without kids "helping", I could run all those little errands that are such a hassle to do getting kids in and out of carseats, or I could just veg and watch crappy tv. The point is, I could do whatever I wanted or needed to get done... and not worry about the kids wants or needs for a few great hours. And sometimes that just makes all the difference. I am so much more motivated and happy to do things when I know I have a chunk of time to do them by myself and really make progress.

So everyone's gone this morning... I have about two or two and a half hours to myself. Ahhhh!
Here's what I've accomplished so far:
~colored, dried and did my hair
~cleaned up kitchen
~started two loads of laundry
~unpacked the rest of our stuff from weekend trip
~made three cards, one of which I need to get out in the mail
~tidied up the toy room and Savannah's bedroom
~folded and put away bathroom towels
~wasted time blogging about my time without the kids

Are you impressed? And my time is only halfway up!!
I'm still hoping to
~get everything prepped for tonights dinner (homemade chicken pot pie, yummy!!)
~go through the clutter and papers on the kitchen counter catch-all
~wrap Sawyer's birthday present

Alright... I'm off to chop veggies.

One more note...
if you do have the luxury of having relatives nearby, especially grammas, don't waste that precious commodity. If they are willing and able to help with the kids, TAKE ADVANTAGE! And I don't mean take advantage in a bad way, I just mean if you have the luxury to take some time for yourself, do it! I firmly believe that you are a better mom if you are truly taking care of yourself and spending a little time here and there doing things for yourself and by yourself. Or with friends or especially with your husband. I think it's important for your kids to see you putting time and energy into sometimes making yourself, as well as your marriage relationship, a priority. It's so easy to get into the rut of routine and just not worry about it. But I really think in the end, it's healthier for everyone (the kids too) to have time for themselves and time with other family and friends and for mom and kids to not always be joined at the hip.
So, I guess that wraps up my sermon for the day.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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Nic said...

Amen Pastor Heather! HAHA. I totally agree on the "GET THE H&LL AWAY FROM THE KIDS EVERY ONCE IN AWHILE" idea. I'm still up for Kid-Free weekend!