Thursday, November 09, 2006

Chapter Four: To TiVo or not to TiVo

This post has been a long time coming.
Well, ever since the new Season of LOST began this fall, anyway. Yeah, sure, we've talked about getting a DVR, (digital video recorder for those less technicalogically versed... you know, like a vcr without any tape... you can record tv and play back, rewind, fast forward, whatever, all from your "cable box") but not in any real "discussion".
But watching LOST on tv this season has just about driven Ryan nuts. I'll admit it's a little ridiculous to break for commercials EVERY FIVE MINUTES! The show runs for an hour, and I bet it is seriously no more than 30 minutes long. Everytime it cuts to commercials you hear Ryan "*huge annoyed sigh* That's it! We're getting a DVR! I can't stand this!"
We missed the last two shows and Ryan recorded them on the computer downstairs that he has hooked up to the cable, so we watched them on the laptop the other night. Skipping the comercials. Ryan was a happy boy!
We would just record them everyweek, but we have no working vcr to record on and I can't stand watching the whole show on the little laptop screen when it's recorded on the computer.

So the DVR.
I argue that we (read: Ryan) already watch more tv than we should, and if we had a DVR, we would probably watch more shows because we could watch them when it's convenient for us. Ryan argues that we would watch less tv because it would be more "efficient" tv viewing, we would only be watching what we want to watch, and without commercials.

So what do you all think? Who has DVR's and who doesn't? What is your experience? Do you watch more tv than you would without it? (be honest!)
Should we or shouldn't we? Give me your opinion.


Heidi said...

I'm going to have to side with Ryan on this one...We don't have a DVR but Gabe has modified his X-Box and with Wireless internet we've basically got it. Originally I didn't want Gabe to get another gaming system. Who could blame me right. Who needs 5 gaming systems? Now I couldn't live with out it. I've recorded losts of great stuff for school off Discovery Channel and taken the commercials out. Plus, that's how we were able to download and watch the first 2 seasons of LOST. You should do something!
By the way, I am going to go crazy for the next 2 1/2 months with no LOST to watch!

Nicole said...

I can't imagine how we lived without DVR! Ok, thats a little exaggerated... but seriously, I'll never ever ever go back to watching "real" tv again... that is unless I'm at someones house who doesn't have DVR. I am not sure if we watch more or less tv now... I think probably a little more, but its so convenient to not have to sit down at teh exact time your show comes on... you can get to it whenever you have time. And it is more efficient... no commercials. And another bonus (which I notice a lot if I watch "real" tv on a tv w/no DVR) if you don't hear what someone says or you miss a part you can just rewind real quick. Get it. That's my vote.

Jenn Sanders said...

DVR is AWESOME! 24...Lost...Biggest's quite essential.

Just make sure that your DVR isn't lame like decided to not record Lost OR the Biggest Loser last night :( It nearly suffered irrepairable injuries...grrr.

Greg n Jenn

On a side note...our security word was 'xbhevwgd' I'm thinking about compiling a bunch of these to make an entertaining version of Balderdash..hrmmm

Xbhevwgd (adj) the sound Greg's DVR makes upon impact with and immovable a wall...after it doesn't record Lost properly.

This game has AWESOMENESS written all over it!