Thursday, November 30, 2006

Make. It. Stop.

Every time my furnace turns on I hear a cricket.
For weeks now, this has been going on and it's beginning to drive me nuts.
The first few days, I noticed that I would randomly hear a cricket chirping, and I thought, "wow, that's a loud cricket outside our window." But then I would hear it elsewhere in the house and think, "wait a minute... there can't still be this many crickets out; it's too cold outside." Which led to the realization that there must be a cricket stuck in the house somewhere.
Then one day I realized I HEAR IT EVERY TIME THE FURNACE KICKS ON. Just two little chirps. Which means what- that it's lying dead somewhere in the heat ducts and so when the air starts up it blows on it and makes it chirp? Do you know how annoying a cricket chirp can be?
I like the sounds of crickets... from a distance.
This past summer one got stuck in our tent and it chirped all night long. We couldn't find him but he wouldn't shut up. I thought we were going to lose our minds. Ever tried sleeping in that close a proximity of that chirping? Not a good night.
And that sound does not belong in my house either.
There it is again.


Today's To-Do's:

  • laundry
  • laundry
  • more laundry
  • order any remaining online gifts
  • work on gift projects (got one more done yesterday, but added another to the list... 11 out of 15 left to do)
  • help Savannah finish her gift projects (1 down, 3 to go)


Mom ,Gramma G... said...

If I post my list of to do's will that help me be accountable to actually DO them???? Did you get yours done? It's really hard to believe it's Dec.1st tomorrow.You guys have been gone 6 months and even though we have spent vacation time with you,we still miss you way too much.The holidays are just not the same when loved ones are far away.XOX

Mom said...

P.S. So sorry about the annoying cricket"sound". Maybe it's a test!?

Nic said...

GRAR! I hate cricket noises. Every once in awhile we get a cricket in our basement and it'll be SOOO loud for a day or two. Loud enough to make me not want to be in my office. And do you think I could ever find it in the entire basement? Nope.