Thursday, November 09, 2006

Chapter Three: In which Savannah turns out to be one smart cookie

...except maybe when it comes to anatomy.

Rarely do I out and out "brag" about my kids. I know everyone thinks their kids are the cutest, brightest, funniest things out there. I try to keep that to myself. Well, most of the time anyway.

But I was just so impressed yesterday with Savannah, that I wanted to take a minute and indulge in a little bragging.
She is so into learning right now, it blows me away. And let me just say, this has little to do with me. As I've stated before, I could probably pass for one of the laziest mothers in the world. Savannah is like a little sponge seeking knowledge, and she asks me all day everyday how to spell this and how to write that. It actually makes me feel a little guilty thinking about how she would probably be close to actually reading and writing whole sentences if I would actually take the time to do "lessons" and more practice with her. She is barely three-and-a-half, and if you ask me, she is way ahead of the game. (At least the game of other three year olds with non-homeschooling stay at home moms; I'm not talking about spendy over-acheiver preschools that have them reciting US Presidents and learning other languages by Kindergarten)

Savannah did this worksheet on her own yesterday. She asked me what to do, and I told her you're supposed to look at those words and read what color it says and color it that color. I helped her with the first sound of orange and she got it right away. I then simply pointed to the other words, and she rattled them off very quickly. Like she barely had to think about it. I was quite impressed! She took it over to the table and I continued my chatting with Nicole, and before I knew it, Savannah had them all colored correctly. Then she found another color sheet similar to the first one, except it had some colors that started with the same letters like blue and brown or pink and purple. She did those too and she got those right and I didn't even help her.

She is just all about reading and writing right now. It seems sometimes that that's all she thinks about all day. She'll interrupt herself to tell me in the middle of her sentences what sounds and letters words start with. She's learned the sign language alphabet and she does that ALL THE TIME. Sometimes with every word she says in a sentence, she'll be signing the first letter of each word as she talks.
We sat down to make a chart for her in the bathroom (she's been having a hard time remembering to wipe AND flush AND wash EVERY time), and she wrote it up herself, asking me how to spell each word, but already having it started with an F for flush or a W for wash.

I just can't believe how old she's getting. And how much she's learning every day.

And I know I've been slacking on recording her amusing quotes (as in recording NONE).
Maybe these will make up for that a little.
I've been wanting to share these for awhile, but I just thought they were maybe a little too... I don't know... personal to share with the whole wide world. But after telling these discreetly to a few people, and getting feedback that it's just a funny three-year-old thing, here you go.

Savannah apparently thinks men have ... er, uh, I'm just going to come out and say this: TAILS.
If she sees Ryan naked, getting out of the shower or something, she says, "daddy, I see your tail." Which absolutely cracks us up. And I don't really get it, because we've told her that it's called a penis, and that's what she calls it on Sawyer; she knows it's a penis, or sometimes we call it a pee-pee. But everytime she sees Ryan uncovered, she talks about his "tail". And (sorry for this, but I gotta say it) "how it wags when he walks". We of course, try not to let her see us laughing, but I just think it's about the funniest thing I've ever heard her say.

And the other thing is, if she's watching me get dressed, she always asks a million and one questions about my bra, and why do I put that on my "round things"?. Every once in awhile if she's playing dolls and she's the mommy or she's playing dress up, she finds balls to put under her shirt and says "look mommy, I have round balls just like you!". The other day she was evidently trying to get dressed up like this while playing with her gramma and she had a little plastic potato from her play food in one hand and she was searching the play room for another brown ball. My mom asked her why she needed brown balls and Savannah told her she needed two brown round things to go under her shirt like a mommy.

Well, I'm sorry for any unwanted visuals in relaying these stories, but I just had to share. And just in case she ever brings up daddy's tail or mommy's balls, now you know what she's talking about!


Mom said...

I'm telling you ,that little girl is smarter then some of my k-kids were.Glad she likes the color word sheets. I really thought she would be doing them later.I will probably send the whole book out for you to copy.Glad you shared the "tail" and "balls" stories. It made me laugh all over again!!!XOX

Nicole said...

OMG OMG OMG OMG I am dying.... just DYING here... soooo funny! That girl cracks me up. Tails and balls. OHH MYYY. And yes, she is a VERY smart little girl.... you SHOULD be bragging LOL! I am amazed at what she knows at such a young age, and I'll be a witness... she DID read those words... so so smart.